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  • Luke

    25 40.98%
  • Logan

    18 29.51%
  • Bennett

    18 29.51%
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    I voted for Luke but I really like Lucas and Connor as siblings. Wdyt?

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    I like Bennett Maxwell and Luke Samuel (Logan just doesn't sound right). I also like the sound of Dylan, Christopher, Evan, Emmett and Elliot with your last name, and with Connor. Congratulations!

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    Thanks for the thoughts - you all touched up things i've been thinking of as well. love logan with connor but don't love it with our last name so much. also love luke and the double 'n's in bennett with connor and our last name. my husband is leaning more towards luke (thinks bennett is a little too non-traditional and doensn't like Lucas unless we name him Lucas and call him Luke or name him Bennett and call him Ben) and i am split 50/50 between the two. Any other thoughts from the experts out there??

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    I like Bennett best with Connor. They compliment each other as a set I feel because they are both also surnames. I feel Connor is too Irish to go with Luke, though I do love that name. Bennett Samuel is very handsome and would give you a 2-3-2 rhythm.

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    Connor is the anglicized version and has many different origins.
    Conchobhar is too Irish.

    I love Connor and Lucas(nn Luke)
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