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  • Luke

    25 40.98%
  • Logan

    18 29.51%
  • Bennett

    18 29.51%
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    baby brother for Connor

    Hello- We are expecting a baby brother for our son, Connor Jack. We're running out of time and still haven't determined a clear winner.

    Favorites are Luke, Logan or Bennett. Middle name will be a family name, likely Samuel or Maxwell.

    Let me know what you think. Our last name is Dixon. Thank you for the help!

    Husband now wants to add two names to the 'list': Rory and Landon and to remove Bennett and Logan. Baby will be born next week. Help!
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    I love Luke with your last name! And Connor and Luke make a great sibset. How about Luke Maxwell?

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    I love the name Luke, and it sounds great with Connor. Luke Samuel Dixon would be adorable.
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    I like Logan best with Connor, but Logan Dixon doesn't quite sound right. I voted for Bennett and one thing I really like is that both brothers would have the double n in their names. The downside to that would be if you had any other sons, I would feel like they needed a double n name too which would get limiting.

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    like PP, I like Logan best with Connor, but Logan Dixon doesn't flow well with the same syllable/emphasis pattern.

    I like Luke Maxwell Dixon (or Lucas even better)
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