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  • Carolina Marie

    16 16.84%
  • Gabrielle Marie

    6 6.32%
  • Hazel Marie

    32 33.68%
  • Holly Marie

    16 16.84%
  • Laurel Marie

    12 12.63%
  • Penelope Marie

    13 13.68%
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    I love Penelope, adorable. The others are all very nice too. Not a huge fan of Carolin-A, I like Caroline better, and I worry about Gabrielle when Gabriel is so popular.
    Hazel, Holly, and Laurel are nice - Hazel is on our short list as well

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    I voted for Hazel Marie, I think it's a very pretty name Classy but sweet.

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    Love Hazel! You just can not go wrong with Hazel Marie. I do associate Holly with a Christmas baby, but I am a person who over thinks names, others probably wouldn't.
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    I have to agree with others. I like Hazel the best from your list.

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    I think Laurel has the loveliest sound, it is such a flowing, soft and pretty name, and so underused, it makes a great choice.

    Is Marie a name of someone in the family that you are trying to honour?

    I think some of the combos work a little better with May or Maeve as the middle name eg Laurel May, Carolina Maeve and these two are my favourite first names on your list too.

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