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Thread: WDYT of Cluny?

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    WDYT of Cluny?

    I have only just discovered this wonderful name. It is used for boys and girls and has Gaelic roots.

    I think it is a great find for the girls especially those who like unisex style names.

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    I have mixed feelings about the whole unisex names thing. I hate traditional boys' names on girls, but other than that, my opinion tends to vary with the name. My vote went to "I like Cluny as a unisex name," and here's why:
    I only have two associations with the name. 1) In the first of British author Brian Jacques' "Redwall" books, Cluny the Scourge is the name of an evil (male) rat who attacks the peaceful mice, squirrels, etc. of Redwall Abbey with his vermin horde, and 2) The heroine of Margery Sharpe's 1940s novel, "Cluny Brown." Didn't care that much for the story, but there's the name. In this book, Cluny's name is short for Clover (go figure.)
    In spite of these odd associations, I rather like the name, which I have found in my baby name books. Those associations make it difficult for me to decide whether it belongs on a boy or a girl, so I figure if it has a history as a unisex name, use it however it appeals to you!
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