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    I love all three of your name choices, but I am a little partial to Lila because my daughter's name is Lyla Shea. I guess that fits your bill as a name, although traditionally I believe Shea is more of a masculine name. I like the sound of Lila with a single syllable middle name...we also thought of Brynn (which we ended up using for daughter #2 instead).

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    My favorite Persian name is Esther ("pearl"). A lovely, classic name.

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    I love Esther too!
    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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    My favorite Persian girl names are Vashti and Roxana and they aren't too foreign to the English-speaking ear.
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    I can't believe no one has mentioned Anahita yet. Very straightforward in spelling and pronunciation, and provides the familiar, Ana, as a nickname. It's a real gem of a choice, and one of my favorite Persian names.

    Other Persian choices that I think would work in a multicultural family: Sara, Nadia, Parisa, Zahra/Zara, Saba, Farah, Noor, Mina, Tala, Yasmin/Yasmina, Darya, maybe Fairuza

    Other Persian names that I like: Elaheh, Laleh, Sholeh, Taraneh, Farzaneh

    I like Leila a lot too. I don't Norah/Nora is far off from Noor ether.

    For Irish names, I like a lot that were already mentioned. Others: Fiona, Honora, Líadan, Neve, Orla

    Hopefully these are helpful suggestions. I think they lend themselves to some really beautiful combinations. (I had some fun making some myself. Maybe they will help with some inspiration.)

    Lila Bridget
    Kathleen Noor
    Nadia Kathleen
    Alana Shirin
    Fiona Soraya
    Neve Soraya
    Sara Elaheh
    Anahita Líadan
    Finola Yasmin
    Parisa Eileen
    Fairuza Orla
    Nora Sholeh
    Honora Laleh
    Farzaneh Maeve

    Maybe even have names like Norah or Honora (use Noor as a nickname) or Tallulah (use Tala as the nn).

    Best of luck!
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