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    Exclamation Top Two have bad associations/the rest are just O.K

    I've been crushing on Clementine and Jemima for a while now, because they both yield the familiar nickname of Em, and in Jemima's case, Jem which relates to another nickname I have, Emmygem. I love the look, sound, meaning...but Clementine sometimes feels "too cute" and Jemima reminds people of syrup. Which isn't necessarily bad, it's the baggage that comes with it. Although Jemima Kirke seems to have not been harmed by it...? Thoughts on these?

    The third runner up was Cordelia, I love the history, meaning and everything about Cordelia except for the sound of the name and the nicknames. Which makes the history etc. a moot point.

    In general I'm drawn to older, somewhat British (to an American, at least), vintage type names. I've looked for hours and hours and can't seem to find one that I love, then when I DO (Jemima) it is hindered by an association that it shouldn't have had in the first place .

    (I will be perusing British Baby Names and Nymbler while I await your responses!)

    Others I've thought of, but have found something amiss; Harriet, Mirabelle, Rowena, Cordelia. Ones I like but cannot use; Alice, Charlotte, Flora, Tabitha, Camilla, Genevieve and Penelope.

    -3 syllables
    -a vintage feel, similar to Jemima/Clementine/Cordelia

    I promise if I get lots of suggestions on this thread, it will be my last.
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