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    My name is Jena Elise Nash, and I was born on July 14th in Seattle, WA, but at we moved to Bakersfield, CA when I was 3 to this house: My dad, Mark Edward Nash, owned a record/bookstore downtown, and my mother, Diana Carolyn Nash (nee Kavanaugh), was able to stay at home with the kids, but we all helped out around the store. I have two older brothers, Hunter Mark (3 years older), and David Scott (2 years older). We had an idyllic childhood in our small town, with lots of friends and family always around the house (probably because we had a pool). My best friend, Rachel Sweeney, I met in kindergarten, and we instantly became inseparable. I always loved music, and I was always begging my dad to start selling this new album, or that one, in the store. I learned to play the piano as a kid, and continued taking lessons into high school, where I also picked up guitar and played sax in the marching band. I met Logan Reed Cunningham when we were sophomores in high school, and became high school sweethearts. I had planned on staying close to home, and going to college at University of Southern California, but when I was accepted to Columbia University, I decided I had to go, where I could study history and minor in music. Logan accepted a scholarship to USC, and we broke up before I left for NY, but thankfully Rachel was going to Columbia with me.

    I quickly learned at Columbia that history was not for me, and changed my major to English literature, hoping to eventually become a teacher. I took chemistry my junior year, and was having some serious trouble with it, but my lab partner, Andrew Tyler Amerson, was gracious enough to help me and even tutored me outside of class. It didn't take long, though, for those late night cram sessions to dissolve into just staying up all night talking about everything besides chemistry. We started dating a few months later, and at the end of junior year, I was taking a road trip with him back across the country to visit his parents, Tim and Elaine, in the small Oregon town where he grew up. I stay with him for a weekend, and he showed me around the town, introducing me to his friends and immediate family, which included his (much) younger brother, Conner. Conner was only 6, and idolized his only brother, and I knew I had really found a great guy when he spent most of Sunday afternoon playing with Conner in the backyard. While showing me his favorite spot in the entire town, a quiet and serene little place looking out onto the lake, he told me about his childhood, and how Tim isn't really his father. He tells me that his dad walked out when he was just old enough to remember, and his mom struggled to provide for him growing up, but that he was always happy. Tim came into the picture when he was in middle school, and they've been a happy family ever since. Then when Conner was born, he felt a little cast aside, but, after some time and distance, he admits it was just teen angst running wild. Even so, he wanted his own adventure, which is why he moved so far away to attend college. He figured New York would be a great place to try and figure out what he wanted from life, while studying to become a veterinarian.

    We continued dating through graduation, and we rented a small apartment together in Knoxville, TN where I taught high school English while Drew finished his doctorate degree. It was a struggle financially, but we were blissfully happy. Our first home:
    After Drew received his DVM, we decided we wanted to settle down a little closer to our families. He found an opportunity in Half Moon Bay, CA to own his own veterinary practice, and so we packed up and headed west. I was relieved to be closer to my family again, but we still made regular visits out to Oregon to see his family too. He quickly becomes successful, since he is the only vet in town, and we got out one night to celebrate. He takes me out for dinner on the boat he'd rented for the night, and while we're floating under the moonlight, he proposes. I happily accept, and immediately start planning the wedding. We have a small, intimate wedding next to the lake he once told me was his favorite spot growing up, with Rachel as my maid of honor. We leave from the wedding and spend two weeks on honeymoon in Greece and Italy. After we get back, I begin teaching again and we are soon able to afford a cute house overlooking the water. Our new house:

    We both know that from the beginning we want lots of little feet running through the house. We wanted to wait to start a family, but fate had other plans. I quickly become pregnant, and on Drew's 25th birthday (October 12), I give birth to our first son, Benjamin Andrew. He looks just like Drew, and loves playing outside. Drew easily teaches him how to play baseball and they spend entire Saturday afternoons playing catch. He grows up and plays shortstop for his little league through high school teams, and is given a scholarship to University of Arizona, where he studied graphic design. He becomes a successful graphic designer, and married his high school sweetheart Lauren. They have two kids, Beau Andrew and Miles Sawyer, with a baby girl on the way, Georgia Isabelle.

    As soon as Ben started walking, I was already wanting another baby. We waited another year, but when Ben was 2, I got pregnant again, and on April 4th, I gave birth to Harper Quinn. Another blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, she always loved making people laugh. As a kid, she used to force her brothers and sisters to help her act out plays for Drew and I, and we knew she was meant to be an actress. She studied at Julliard, and has finally made her big break, starring in the drama, "Rumors," which just won the Oscar for Best Picture. She is currently dating the famous musician, Brett Rafferty, and has no immediate plans for a family.

    After Harper was born, we took a break for three years before we started trying again. After only two months, I find I'm pregnant again, this time with twins boys. On August 22nd, I give birth to Aaron Chase and Silas Easton. There are both tiny bundles of neverending energy from the beginning, and they were always getting into trouble together. Aaron decides to become a history teacher, and also coaches the school's football team. Silas goes into the Air Force, and becomes a pilot, as much as me and Drew put up a fight. Aaron married Sarah, and they have one girl, Emma Caroline. Silas is engaged to Hannah, and they are currently planning their wedding.

    Keeping up with the gruesome twosome, Aaron and Silas, was exhausting so we didn't have another kid for several years. But when the twins go off to kindergarten, I think I want just one more. I easily get pregnant for the last time, and on February 2, I give birth to Norah Grace. She is the only one that has looked like me, and she is always happy. She learns to read at an early age, and spends most of her freetime with her nose in a book. She asks me to teach her piano, and she's a quick study. She soon starts writing her own songs, and learns guitar as well. She is currently studying music at my alma mater, Columbia University, and will graduate next year. She hopes to get a record contract and eventually win a Grammy.

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    My name is Anna Csordás, and I was born in Veszprém, Hungary on the 22nd September 1989. I am the oldest child of Janka and Tibor Csordàs who were both born and raised in Veszprém. When I was two, my parents moved us to Newcastle, England. Four years later on June 12th 1995 my brother Markos was born. We lived in Newcastle until our father died on December 1st of 2002. My mother moved us to live in Montreal, Canada with her sister. I was 13, and Markos was 7. When I was 18 I moved back to the UK to study English at the University of Manchester. I had no idea what career I wanted for myself, but I knew that I considered myself British and longed to be home. When I finished my undergraduate degree, I returned to Montreal for a year. During that year I decided I wanted to be a teacher, so on my 23rd birthday in 2011 I moved back to the UK, settling in Brighton to study for my teaching degree. It was here that I met Alex Hale. Alex and his twin brother Kyle are the only children of William and Eloise Hale. He grew up in a large country home just outside of Brighton, and I met him through a friend.

    We began dating, and one I had my first teaching job, at a local High school, we moved in together. Alex worked in accounting, and never went to University. He built up his career from scratch and was a hardworking and passionate man. Alex proposed to me on our second year anniversary, 14th of March, and I found out I was two months pregnant with our first child a month later.

    Our first child, a son named Tibor William after our fathers, was born on the 12th of November 2014 when we were both 26. We married a year and a half later on the 11th of May 2016, when I was 4 months pregnant with our second child. On October 30th 2016, our second son Milàn Alexander was born. We wanted to continue the theme of Hungarian names to honour my family. With an almost two year old, and a newborn, life was hectic. It wasn't helped by Alex having taken a new job which required him to recruit to London each day. Sure, it was more money, and Alex's dream job, but I felt distant from him and our relationship was beginning to suffer. But we worked on it as a family, and the news that we were expecting a daughter in the summer of 2018 brought excitement and joy back into our lives. Our daughter, Zuri Francesca was born on the 18th of June 2018. But it was short lived. Zuri was only 5 months old when we agreed to separate. It was amicable, and Alex left me and the children the house, whilst he moved to an apartment in the city.

    This, surprisingly, became the best decision we made for our children. We got on better as friends, and we made a schedule that suited us both and the children.

    I dated a couple of people, but i focussed my time on raising my children, and going back to work as an English teacher. It was 5 years before I met Hamish. Zuri was 5, Milàn was 7 and Tibor was 9. Hamish and I first started out as friends, and it slowly grew into more. We became official, but didn't rush. Hamish (full name Hamish James McCoy), was born and raised in Aberdeen, and had moved down to Brighton with his ex-wife and son Austin Beckett, who is now 12. Eventually, he moved in with us a year later.Luckily, my children loved him, and he gets on great with Alex. He and Alex actually took Austin, Milàn and Tibor on a hiking trip together. Life was great, Hamish had a great job as a graphic and web designer, and I was now head of English at an excellent school. We moved to a beautiful home which we renovated exactly how we wanted. Austin was with us every other weekend, and my kids visited London on the weekends Austin didn't visit. This meant the kids saw Austin, whilst still seeing their Dad and giving Hamish and I some much needed alone time.

    The children are wonderful. Tibor (now 12) is such an intelligent kid, absolutely loves nature and science, and hopes to be a vet one day. He really looks up to his Dad and takes after him in a lot of ways. Determined, hard working, very thoughtful but awfully stubborn. Milán however, is my wild child. Having just turned 10, he is full of energy. Spends all of his free time skateboarding with his friends. He does struggle academically, but has been progressing well. He loves sports and music. He has a fantastic sense of humour and a heartbreaking smile. Zuri, my little one, is all girl. At 8, she is teetering on the edge of desperately wanting independence, but loving my company. She is my partner in crime when I go shopping, and she loves art and all things glittery. She has asked me for a horse every birthday and Christmas since she could speak, and this year I agreed to lessons. She really looks up to Tibor, and has got her love for Animals from him. This year, as a surprise Christmas gift, Hamish and I got the family a puppy. A black Labrador called Crash.

    Austin, my stepson, is a fantastic 15 year old who is a mini-Hamish. Kind, gentle, and patient. It's an honour to call him my stepson, and he is a fantastic role model to my sons and a generous cuddler to my daughter.

    Sorry, my DAUGHTERS. Because on September 8th 2026, Hamish and I welcomed a daughter named Flora Isabelle McCoy. She was a happy surprise, and she completed our family. Hamish and I lived out our lives in that home, and to this day our relationship is wonderful. Alex is still a huge part of our lives, and he now has a new wife and two stepdaughters called Poppy and Maya.

    So what was the future like for my children.

    Tibor followed his dreams to become a vet. He moved to Edinburgh to study to be a vet, and never returned. He now works at a vetinary practice there, with his wife Anabelle, and their two daughters Isla Rose, 14 and Piper Faye, 9.

    Milán moved to Montreal to live with my brother Markos and his family (wife Layla and children Elliot and Aubrey). Milán now works as a counsellor for underprivileged kids, at summer camps and day camps through the rest of the year. Milán is gay, and lives with his partner Oscar, and they have twins via a surrogate called Winter Evelyn and Aspen George who are now 3.

    Zuri now lives in London. She was working as a junior school teacher, until she became a stay at home Mum. She and her partner, Arthur Kensington, have four children Called Peter, George, Alice and Henry.

    Flora travelled the world, and now lives in New Zealand with her boyfriend their newborn son Rio and 22 month old son Zephaniah.

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    Timothy Allen Joseph Bennett and my mother is Josephine Celine Bennett. I have an older brother, a twin brother, and 2 younger brothers. I am the only girl. My oldest brothers name is Jeremy Ray Bennett he is a year older than me, his birthday is August 13th. My twin brother is Jackson Richard Bennett and of course he has the same birthday as me and is the same age. Next is Jeremiah Ryan Bennett. He is 7 years younger than me and was born on December 21st. My baby brother is Justin Ryker Bennett. He is 9 years younger than me and was born on March 8th. We all have a nice childhood. We are higher middle class so we have nice things but we don't have everything. After high school I planned on becoming a nurse practitioner

    After high school I went to Washington State University and got into the nursing program and continued on after that and got my Phd and got my practitioners licence. I married the star quarter back on the Cougars football team. His name is Nicholas Ray Austin. Nick was born and raised in Pullman, Washington. He has two brothers and one sister. His older brothers name is Kenny Jay Austin. His older sisters name is Chrystal Joy Austin-Heaveland, and his twin brothers name is Ian Anthony Austin. His Fathers name is Michael Jay Allen Ray Austin and His mothers name is Catherine Joy Austin. His child hood was not the best. He grew up on well-fair though his father was in the army. During Nicks grade school career his father was stationed in South Africa, his mother stayed in the US while his twin and father lived in South Africa. Nick went to college at WSU with myself. He is majoring in health and wants to become a Personal Trainer. Nick and I actually met in high school. We didn't start talking until I was a Junior and he was a senior. We became really close friends and talked about dating but he got another girlfriend. We stayed friends and he went off to college. Unbeknownst to me, through my senior year he dumped his girlfriend and focused on his school. When I got to WSU we started hanging out more and more until one night he asked me out and I accepted. We dated for 5 years until he asked me to marry him. the way that he proposed was s o sweet, we had taken a vacation to Disneyworld and sent me on a scavenger hunt through Magic Kingdom, and the last clue sent me to the suite in Cinderellas Castle. I walk into the room and see him dressed up like Prince Charming. He gets down on one knee and tell me how much he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. HE then asks me to marry him. I start bawling my eyes out and say yes. We stay the next three days in the Cinderella Suite. We have a smell wedding with only our closest friends and family. Once we are married we go on our honeymoon to Athens, Greece. Once we get back we move into our house that we bought together in Spokane, Washington. Its a cute two story house with 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. A really big kitchen and a lovely back yard. I do end up being a nurse practitioner but Nick on the other hand didn't become a personal trainer he ends up being in the law enforcement as a police officer.

    Nick and I have 7 together, 4 boys and 3 girls. Our oldest is Declan Alexander Austin. His birthday is April 1st and is a football star like his father and loves choir like his mother. Next is our daughter Jocelyn Rachelle Austin was born on January 3td she is a total brainiac and musician. We then have our twin boys Wyatt James Austin and Auden Nicholas Austin they were born on September 20th they are too alike and always get confused for one another. We then have Arianna Danielle Austin she was born on May 4th she is a total girl and loves makeup and dressing up for no reason. Our last boy is Tristan Reese Austin he was born on October 31st he is a skater boy and loves sports, mainly soccer. He even got a full ride scholarship to Western Washington University and he was super excited. Our baby is Addison Paige Austin she was born on February 14th she is a total book worm and always has her head in a book. We always talked about adopting kids but never went through with it. We also have a few pets. We have two dog. A Rottweiler named Brutus and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Laila. They are both wonderful guard dogs and family pets. We also have three cats, an American Bobtail named Julius, an Egyptian Mau named Zeus, and a Turkish Van named Jupiter. We also have an 11 year old Turtle named Tuggle

    Our oldest son Declan, his wife Tia Rae Austin have 3 boys. Their oldest is Ean Dermot Austin is 10. The middle child is Oliver Blane Austin is 6. Their youngest is Liam Finian Austin is 4. They all live in Vancouver, Washington. Declan followed in his fathers footsteps again and became a police officer while Tia is an 8th grade History Teacher

    Our daughter Jocelyn, her husband Douglas Michael Turner, have 2 kids. Their oldest, Audrey Olivia Turner is 4, and their youngest, Devin Carson Turner is 2. They live in Spokane, Washington. Jocelyn is a dental assistant and Doug is in the Air Force.

    Wyatt married his best friend Georgia Grace. They have 5 kids. They had twin girls first named Ella Virginia Austin and Charlotte Magnolia Austin they are 13 years old. They then had triplet boys named Sawyer Bryce Austin, Owen Denver Austin, and Deacon James Austin. They live in Seattle, Washington close to us. Wyatt is a Pediatririon and Georgia is a stay at home mom

    Auden and his girl Gia Rose Tuscana are not yet married but they have a French Bulldog named Kuzco. They also live in Seattle. Auden is a manager at a five start hotel, and Gia is a Librarian at the local library.

    Arianna and her boyfriend David Ezekiel Conger live in Seattle as well. They live in a nice condo in Seattle and have a mancoon cat named Billy. Arianna is pregnant with their first child, its going to be twins, a boy and a girl. They are going to name them Benjamin Joseph Conger and Madelyn Elisha Conger. Arianna is a 4th grade teacher and David is a 6th grade teacher

    Tristan is single and loving it. He has a Rottweiler puppy named Taco. He is in school to become a graphic designer and lives in L.A.. California

    Addison and her husband of 2 years, Cage Austin Hunter have 2 girls, Aunnika Grace Hunter age 1 and Ammalie Jean Hunter. They live in Seattle as well.

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    My name is Ella Rae Miller and I was born in Austin, Texas in 1988 to my parents Abigail Leanne & Joseph Abraham Miller. I am the oldest of 8 kids and I hated it. My siblings are: Abraham Duncan (21), Rachel Rose (19), Caroline Kelly (17), Joshua Michael (16 and twin to Adam), Adam Ryan (16 and twin to Josh), Allison Bailey (14), and the surprise baby, Nathaniel Matthew (6). My childhood was rough. Abe and I basically raised all of our siblings together since my mother was a flight attendant and was gone most of the time, and my dad was a realtor who was just not around, and we found out why later because he was cheating on my mom with a younger woman. My mom stupidly forgave him, because she thought no man would want her with 8 children. My dad got the other woman pregnant (that's when he told us) and I have a half-brother named Taylor Timothy (13). Because i hated raising my siblings, I did very well in school so I could make sure I got into a good college and got to leave!

    After High School, I got accepted to NYU in New York! This was a huge step for me, moving to the big apple. My parents disapproved and thought I was rebelling since I also died my hair brunette and got a belly-button piercing, which is not entirely false. I majored in Pre-med as I really had my heart set on being a nurse or a doctor. In my English Class, I set next to this really attractive guy. His name was Samuel David Olivers. We hit it off right away and he asked me out. I found out that he was born in San Diego, California and also grew up there. He is the same age as I am, 18. His parent's names are Mary Anne & Nicholas Lawrence Olivers. He has 5 siblings, all considerably younger than him. Their names are: Jackson Henry (15), Seth Aaron (10), Rachelle Marie (8), Lillian Rae (5), and Kenneth Ryan (2). His childhood was a lot like mine. He found himself caring for his younger siblings because his mom was an Author and was always writing at the Library because she thought it was a better "environment for creativity". His dad was gone a lot because he was in the Army, and was deployed many times. Sam was basically raised by his grandmother, Patricia, when his dad was deployed. I found out that Sam was going to NYU to become a Lawyer and he has a pre-law major. We dated for 6 years and right after college we moved in together in a small home in Albany, New York. He proposed to me by taking me to that NYU classroom in which we met and proposed to me there with the sweetest speech in the world. We got married a year later in Austin, Texas on Valentines day in a large, romantic mansion. We decided to Honeymoon in Aruba! We decide that we would eventually like one or two children so we buy a 5 bedroom 4 1/2 bathroom home in Princeton, New Jersey. It's a craftsman style home with lots of charm. Sam transferred to Law School in New Jersey and became the Lawyer he wanted to be. I became a Nurse and loved it!

    When Sam and I turned 30, we decided to have children. I wanted 1 child, while Sam wanted 2. Sam and I couldn't conceive so we tried fertility treatments and had triplets! We had two boys and a girl named Brooklyn Rose, Zachary Samuel, and Mason Nicholas. Brooklyn become the stereo-typical popular girl and has blonde hair and brown eyes. Zach became a sports superstar and was the quarter-back of his High School football team and has brown hair and brown eyes, and is the spitting image of his father. Mason played baseball and is extremely smart! He eventually went to Princeton - his dream school! He has blonde hair and my blue eyes. When Brooke was 18 and a senior in high school she got pregnant with her daughter Natalia Ella Olivers-Gray. Her boyfriend ditched her, and Brooke finished the year with online high school. She got accepted into online college and bought herself a small 2 bedroom apartment. She finished and became a homeschool online teacher. Zach graduated and went to College in Albany. He wanted to become an architect, but later changed his mind and wanted to become a Lawyer. Mason was the valedictorian of his graduating class! He went on to Princeton, majoring in Business, and became a CEO. Our Family adopted a Golden Retriever named Dixie.

    Brooklyn Never left Princeton, New Jersey. She is still a successful online teacher. When Natalia is 10 and Brooke is 28 she meets her perfect match. His name is Bailey Wilson and they met at the grocery store. He is 30 and has a 5 year old son named Aaron. Brooke learns that Bailey is divorced and Bailey asks her out and after dating for 2 years, they get married! They have a daughter together named Laura Michelle. Bailey owns a restaurant in town and Brooke quits her job to run the family business!
    Grandkids from Brooke: Natalia (20), Aaron, (15), and Laura (10)

    Zach moved to Austin where his grandparents live to go to Law School. He met the love of his life there, Kelly Slater. Kelly was in one of his classes and they both became lawyers. Zach proposed shortly after graduating and they eloped in Hawaii. They decided to move to Virginia Beach together and open their own firm. When they are both settled in their new home and firm they decide that it's time to have kids. Kelly learns that she will never be able to have kids, so they decide to adopt. They adopt a baby boy from Texas which they named Austin Samuel. Just 7 months after they adopted Austin, Kelly becomes pregnant! 9 months later they have a baby girl named Hope Louise. 4 years later Zach & Kelly adopt boy girl twins from Russia named Christopher Matthew & Gabriella Julie.
    Grandkids from Zach:
    Austin (19)
    Hope (18)
    Chris (14)
    Gabby (14)

    Mason moved to Los Angeles, California to become the CEO of a huge company. At this time he was 37. A year after moving to L.A. he met Raina Young, a popular actress who was a lot younger at 27. They fell in love and Mason was thrust into the life of fame and fortune. They got married after 7 months of dating and they had a baby girl named Persephone Aria a year later. When Persephone was 3 they welcomed another little girl named Athena Ella. Raina and Mason's relationship was falling apart and they both cheated on each other around the same time. They filed for divorce and because of Raina's new alcohol addiction, Mason got full custody. Just 2 years after the split, at age 44 he met a famous singer named Tori Ross, who was 20. They began dating and fell in love. A year later they welcomed a baby girl named Aphrodite Quinn. Two years later they got married and had a baby boy named Apollo Lucas.
    Grandkids from Mason:
    Persephone (27)
    Athena (24)
    Aphrodite (20)
    Apollo (18)

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    My name is Elena Scarlett Mays and I was born in the 90's. I was born in Spokane, WA. When I was 3, my family relocated to Wallla Walla, WA. This is because my dad, Robert Theodore Mays, wanted to start a vineyard. My mother, Sylvia Elise Mays, always supported my dad and was a stay at home mom because of our large family. I have 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, and B/G twins that are much younger than me. Robert and Alexander, who are 6 and 5 years older than me, were always side by side and helping my father run the vineyard. Gwendolyn "Gwen", who is 4 years older than me, was always helping my mother with the twins. Max and Delia, who are 6 years younger than me, were somewhat of a surprise. They tended to get into trouble.

    I had a good childhood, although are family struggled financially after the twins were born. I always wanted to go to college, and have a job that would support my family.

    After high school, I attended Gonzaga University, and got a law degree. However, I always wanted to be a writer.

    I met Tobias Alexander Gray at law school. He was born 2 years before me. He grew up in Seattle, WA. His parents names are William Xavier Grayson and Elizabeth Anne Grayson. Tobias had two siblings, and older brother and a younger sister. His brother, William Xavier, was very smart, and Tobias sometimes felt like he was in his brother's shadow. His sister, Charlotte Anne, was very much the baby of the family. He came from a wealthy family, although he hated knowing that he was the "rich kid".

    Tobias went to Gonzga U and majored in law, wanting to become a lawyer. We met one day when he was a junior and I was a freshman. We dated for 4 years.

    Tobias proposed to me in a park by a pond at night. We had a summer wedding, with all of our family members and closest friends. We honeymooned on the Big Island of Hawaii for two weeks.

    We decided to settle down in a suburb of Seattle. We live in an old brick house with lots of character. Tobias worked at a law firm, and eventually opened his own. I however, got bored of the law scene and pursued my dream of writing. I had my first book published 4years after Tobias and I married.

    Five weeks after celebrating my book being published, I felt very sick. A couple weeks later, and still not feeling better, I went to the doctor, and found out I was pregnant! Tobias was as delighted as I was, as we had tried for a baby multiple times before, but couldn't get pregnant. Rose Elena Grayson was born on December 5th. She grew up to be smart, responsible, and loved reading.

    Four years later, Tobias and I were expecting again. This time with a little boy. Maxwell Jude Grayson was born on October 1st. He was very sporty and did well in school.

    Three years later, I am pregnant with my third and final child. Juliet Ivy Grayson was born on February 10th. She was very outgoing and smiley. She loved to draw and dance.

    Rose pursued her love of reading and followed me in becoming an author. Max found an interest in medicine, and became a physical therapist. Juliet continued her love with art, and became the principal of a perfroming arts school.

    Our family also consisted of many pets. The family pets were a golden retriever, Magnolia, and a Scottish Terrier, Lilac. Rose had two bunnies, Lulu and Pearl. Lulu turned out to be a boy(who was later renamed Lou) when Pearl became pregnant! 2 baby bunnies were kept and named Ruby and Annie. Max went through many goldfish, who consisted of Batman, Spiderman, and Hulk(this was during his superhero phase.) Juliet finally got her wish for a pony when she was 6, and Apple was added to the family.

    Rose stayed in the Seattle area and met her husband, Andrew Benjamin Sterling, at college. Rose was a children's book author and Andrew became a city building planner. They had two kids, Caroline Scarlett and Bennett Anderson. Caroline was the first grandchild, who was born on May 30th. Bennett was the third grandchild, and was born on August 30th.

    Max moved to his wife Winona Faye Harold's hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Max was a physical therapist, and Winona was a school councelor. The couple had two boys, Archer Max and Sawyer Dawson. Archer was the second grandchild, and Sawyer was the sixth. Archer was born on August 15, and Sawyer was born on October 20th.

    Juliet married Theodore "Teddy" Walter James. They lived in San Diego, CA. Juliet became a principal at a performing arts high school, and Teddy was a lawyer. They had 3 kids. Grandchildren number 4 and 5 were born on June 10th. They were named Celia June and Quentin Rhys. The last granchild, number 7, was Emmeline "Emmy" Beatrice. She was born on February 15th.
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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