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    My name is Irina Persephone Cannavaro, I was born in Rome during Spring. My mother is Patricia Francine Conelly, she worked as a tour guide when she met my father Luca Fabrizio Cannavaro and Italian art professor. They married at the Tuscany, 5 months before I was born. We moved to New York when I was 3 years old, because my father get a job at an important university, my mum was a housewife then.

    When I was 6 years old, my sister Sophia Calliope was born, 2 years later Hugo Fabrizio, our little brother was born. When Hugo was 2, he was diagnosed with autism. So that, my parents decided to move to Newton, MA were my brother could go to one of the best academies for kids like him. Our house there is beautiful, my parents still live there, it small but it has an enormous garden full of flowers.

    When I finished high school I decided I want to be a psychologist, so I moved to Boston to go to Boston University. There, I lived with a girl call Virgina Elene Watson, an English student. We never became close friend, because she was moody and selfish.
    At University I met my best friend Olivia Jillian Procter, she was studying to be a psychologist like me.

    At univeristy I get engaged with Timothy Ian Williams, when I was 21. We never get married as we broke 6 months before our wedding. We still were friends, and when he was 29 he married a primary teacher call Paulina Florence Emerson.

    When I finished univesity I moved to Rogers in Arkansas because I've found a great job like a psychologist in a school. At Rogers I live in a beautiful apartament above a cupcake shop. My apartament was pink.

    One day at school we had a parents meeting, and I stayed to talk with Casper's dad. Casper was a 6 years old, restless boy, that was having some problems with others kids.

    His mum had died when he was 1 year, in a traffic accident. His dad Julian Orson Baüer, was a vet. Julian is a kind and good men, that was really worried about his son, so that we start to talk almost daily, at first it was about a Casper, but then we became close friends. 10 months later when I was 24 and he was 33 we started dating.

    Julian was born at Eagaen in Minisotta. He was the older of 3 kids. His mother is Eugenie Pearl Baüer, she worked as a nurse, his dad was Frank Heinrich Baüer, who was a doctor. Julian has 2 twin silblings: Rachel Inez Baüer and Owen Joseph Baüer.

    They lived in an old house, that he remeber with love. His parents were demanding and cold, but Julian and his silbling love them.
    When Julian was 19 he moved to England, where he assit to Harper Adams University, he studied Veterinary medicine. When he as 24, he met a British girl called India Rosaline Io Rowling, they never get married, but they lived together and when he was 26, she get pregnant. Casper Peregrine Ivo Baüer, was born during Winter in Yorkshire. One year later India passed away, and Julian moved to Rogers with Casper.

    I get on pretty well with Casper, and when Julian and me had been dating for 7 months he started to call me "mum".
    One day at Spring, Julian, Casper and me visited my parent's house at Newton to attend a family dinner.

    My sister Sophia, was 19 years old, she had just finished high school and she wanted to study to be a architect. We were really close, specially since I moved to Rogers. Hugo was 17 years old, he was a great boy, and he could get over his problem, althougth he was shy and quiet, he was having a normal life studying at high school and having some friends. All the family were extremly proud. Hugo and me were good friends.

    Casper get on pretty well with all the family, as he was a sociable and talkative kid. After dinner we stayed on the living chilling out, and there Julian propose me! He gave me a classic and wonderful ring that had belong to his grandmother.


    Of course I said "yes" inmediatly. All my family were exciting and Casper loved the idea two!

    When we return to Rogers, Julian received a great work offer at Clarkstown to work in a farm and at NY Univesity, it's impossible to say no, so we decided that Clarkstown was a nice place to start a family. We were going to move at Summer, in 2 months, so we decided that we'd better wait to get married after moving.

    At June we moved to a big and wondeful house at Clarkstown. It was cheap, beacuse the owner wanted to move to Germany, so he really needed the money. I open my own office, where I met my patients. I also started a PhD about child psychology at CUNY.

    When we were established at the home, we started planning our wedding. I was 25 and Julian was 34. We want an informal and simple wedding, that was going to take place in Autumn in our own garden during the noon and afternoon.

    The wedding was perfect! A relaxed and private ceremony.

    Some pictures of the tables were we serve the dinner, and the altar were we said "yes I want"

    My dress was short and simple, it was really vintage because it was the dress that my mother used at her wedding in Italy..

    My bouquet was like this:

    The maid of honor were our sisters Rachel and Sophia, and the bestman were our brothers Owen and Hugo.

    The bouquet of the maid of honor looked like this:

    After the wedding we go to France with Casper, just for 2 weeks.

    Our first kid was a boy, he was born 2 years after we get married, when I finished my PhD and Casper was 9. We called him: Atticus Shepherd Ving Baüer. He's really inteligent and lovely. He absolutly adores his brother Casper. He is as restless as Casper was, and he is extremly curious. His favourite TV cartoon is Pocoyo, and he loves animals as his dad! So that we buy a beautiful pug called Romilly. When he grown, he was fond of science, specially biology, so that he became in a great vet as his father.

    When Casper was 10 I adopt him. Casper had became in a sensitive and outgoing boy. He was extremly friendly and good looking. He was the sweetest older brother. When he grown up, he can't decide what he wanted to study, so he traveled for a year and then decided he wanted to be a environmental lawyer.

    Our third kid is another boy call Amos Barnaby Ira Baüer, he is shy but creative. He loves painting a doing artcrafts. He played the guitar and the piano. He is really close to Casper, but he is always figthing with Atticus for small things. He really likes plants and flower, and he always helped me with the garden. He decided he wanted to be a painter, so he studied art at SCAD.

    Our last kid is a girl called Agnés Primrose Viola Baüer, she's a smart girl, who always want to help people. She is talkative and patient and she loves kids. At high school she is the most inteligent girl at the class, and she has good friends. She like swiming, but she hates team sports. She get on pretty well with all of her brothers, specially with Atticus. She loves reading and her favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. She became in a pediatrician and she worked in Asia and Africa with poor kids.

    Casper moved to Vancouver with his Canadian wife Cecily Laurence March, they had 3 girls: Leonie Beatrice Irina Baüer, Olive Mireille Pearl Baüer and Clare Marguerite India.

    Atticus met a lovely Mexican girl when he was working at a farm in New Mexico, they married and they moved to Boston. His wife is call Lucia Lilliana Rodríguez. They had 2 kids: Theo Antonio Baüer and Luca Julian Baüer.

    Amos never get married, but he lived with an English girl called Jessamine Lilia Mae Swan. They adopted a Vietnamit boy called Than-Pu Octavius Baüer.

    Agnés worked in Africa for 10 years, and when she was 35 she married a Spain doctor called Guillermo de Borbón. They moved to Seville and they had twin kids: Leire Victoria Sylvie de Borbón and Xavier Taddeus Lou de Borbón.
    Pilar, 20, med student.

    Amparo, Libertad, Carmela, Leonor, Sonsoles, Aurora, Frida
    Octavio, Salvador, Vicente, Sebastián, Simón, Tomás, Clemente

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    My name is Marina Mae Sutton. I am average height and build. I have long blonde hair and gray-blue eyes, though one eye is almost a quarter black - a mutation called sectoral heterchromia. I was born and raised in a small town outside of Vancouver, BC. My parents, Scott Anthony Sutton and Juliana Joy Sutton, owned a small family restaurant. I had one older brother named Nicholas Charles Sutton, but he passed away in an drunk-driving accident when he was 17 and I was 13. When he was still alive, he was very protective of me and was a loving older brother. After he died I became very depressed for several years, withdrawing from most of my friends.

    When I graduated high school, I immediately moved an hour away to Vancouver. I got a job at a restaurant there and rented a small apartment. On my days off, I auditioned for small movie and commercial roles. I landed a couple bit parts, but nothing every became of my aspiring film career. Instead I eventually got a degree in business management, moved back home and took over the family business.

    My husband’s name is Jonathon Tobias King. He was born in Vancouver, BC, although spent most of his childhood in Seattle, Washington. He is tall and dark haired, with chocolate brown eyes and a crooked smile. His parents are Edwin Archibald King and Prudence Anne Landry-King, but she goes by Pru. Jon has two older sisters named Rebecca Louise and Charlotte Pearl, as well as a younger brother named Spencer Nathaniel.

    Jon graduated from high school almost a year early and was accepted into every university he had applied to, though ultimately decided to become a mechanic.

    We met through mutual friends at a barbeque one fall. He was there alone and we started talking. I learned he had a girlfriend named Josie, and though I felt a little guilty, I continued to talk and flirt with him all night. I didn’t run into him again until almost a year later when we met up again at another mutual friend’s party. I realized we still had the same flirty connection as we had the last time we’d met, except this time he was single! We started to see each other casually. After a few months we made it official, and another few months found us living together.

    We dated for a little over two years. We took our first vacation together, and there he proposed to me. We married in a small ceremony by the ocean back home, just close friends and family. We also bought our first house shortly afterward in Craig, Alaska.
    We open up a small mechanics shop there, he works on the vehicles and I take care of the management side of things.

    Two years into our marriage I find out I’m expecting! I give birth to a girl who we name Alexandra Claire.

    When Alex is two, we decide it’s time for another baby. She’s just shy of her third birthday when we give birth to another girl that we name Chloe Genevieve. Alex is ecstatic to be a big sister!

    We wait until Alex is four and Chloe is almost two to get pregnant again. A boy this time - Samuel Nicholas, in memory of my brother.

    We decide our little family is complete. When Sam is 2, Chloe 4, and Alex 6, we decide to get the kids their first dog. We take a trip to the local shelter and immediately fall in love with two of the dogs - a female Rottweiler mix named Marley and another female, a Pit Bull mix named Juno. We can’t bring ourselves to choose between them, so we wind up adopting them both! They take great care of the kids, following them everywhere their adventures take them in our huge, wooded yard.

    Shortly after Sam’s third birthday, I begin feeling very ill. A quick trip to the doctor reveals that I am in fact pregnant again. Though it wasn’t a conscious decision, we couldn’t be happier to be adding one more to our family. After some complication, Isabel Fleur is born. It isn’t until she’s almost two that she is diagnosed as being deaf. At first we are devastated, but realize that it isn’t the end of the world, and that we are incredibly lucky to have an otherwise happy, healthy baby girl. Our whole family learns sign language along with Izzy.

    Fast Forward--

    Alex is 22, and going to college part time, one town over. She is tall and slim with long black hair and bright blue eyes. She is happy and vivacious, clearly a leader among her friends. She’s taking her second-year mechanics course, and working in our garage. She and Chloe are living together, along with another one of their friends.

    Chloe is 20. She is shorter than Alex, but very similar in looks. Her black hair is shorter, hanging just above her shoulders, but she has the same brilliant blue eyes. She is nurturing and motherly - currently in a nursing program.

    Sam is 18. He is tall - the tallest in our family, in fact. He has black hair, always styled, and soulful brown eyes. He is the musician in our family, excelling in guitar and piano, as well as having a beautiful singing voice. He is still in high school, and plans on moving to Vancouver once he graduates, in order to pursue a career in music.

    Izzy is 16. She is average height, with shoulder-length blonde hair and icy-gray eyes. She has always been the animal lover of our family, usually preferring the company of animals over people. She plans on becoming a vet once she graduates. Right now she is in grade 10, with the highest average in her class. She always enjoys most kinds of art - particularly painting, and is very talented.

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    My name is Alice Ophelia Autumn, and I was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana. My mother Carol (her middle name was Arndt) worked as a registered nurse at the hospital in Houma, which was where we lived. My father was a locally famous musician. Both of my parents were born in Canada, so I would come to have dual citizenship when I got older. When I was still a baby my family moved to Shreveport where we stayed until I was nearly five years old. At that point, some rather unsettling information about my father came to light and one year after he was taken away my mum and I moved to New Orleans, which was where I spent a very happy thirteen years as an only child. I was never really set on what I wanted to do, my choices ranging from a ballerina to a teacher/librarian to a hairdresser, but as soon as I took my first art class I knew I wanted to be an animator for Disney studios.

    I pursued my art all throughout high school and took classes in Ontario and Rome to further my skills. To earn money on weekends and holidays I worked in a bookstore, where I was known by the staff by name due to weekly visits and I had absolutely no trouble when I applied for the job. The customers would always look for me if they need a book recommendation and would occasionally ask for me personally at the front checkout.
    One day soon after my nineteenth birthday, I was taking my break at the cafe around the corner when a very handsome man who looked to be in his early thirties walked in. As he was leaving with his order he accidentally knocked my coffee cup off my table and it spilled all over the floor. He helped me clean it up with napkins from the washroom and by the time it was dry we had made plans to meet again next Sunday. As we were throwing away the used napkins he told me his name was Dante King.
    Come Sunday, we met up at the local ice rink and went skating. While there we got to talking, and he told me about his four siblings, Daphne, Grace, Lucy, and Marius. He told me he had never been really close with his siblings, and his mother Clea and father Eliot were divorced and the kids alternated between their houses in New York. As soon as he turned eighteen he moved out of the house and all the way to New York to pursue his career as an entrepreneur. He was very successful and made a lot of money, but kept to himself rather than attend lavish parties and other such social events. Recently his business endeavors have led to Providence, where, as he put it, he had the good fortune of running into me.
    We started spending more time together, and two years after we started dating we spent three months retracing our childhood and traveling to all the significant towns and cities where we had grew up, went to school, and where we wanted to live when we were little. While we were in New Orleans (my favorite place), we walked from the Place d’Arms - the hotel we were staying at - down to the St. Louis Cathedral. We had a lovely picnic on one of the benches, and after we were finished he got down on his knee and proposed. I was ecstatic and immediately said yes to a chorus of cheers and claps from other residents and tourists who happened to be around.
    The wedding was eight weeks later to the day. All of his family came, including his siblings, mum, stepfather, grandparents, and several of his closest friends. His best man was his cousin Flynn. My mother, aunt (my uncle died the year before), six of my cousins, five of my second cousins, my maternal grandmother and her husband, and six of my close friends and co-workers were there also, and my maid of honor was my best friend Olivia. It was the classic big white wedding, with plenty of food and music to keep guests entertained. Since both of us are voracious readers, a great deal of our wedding presents were books, but we also received the standard household items such as a blender, a new DVD player, and a bread maker.
    My engagement ring:
    My wedding dress:
    We had our two and a half week honeymoon at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. When we got back home, I moved out of my apartment and in with Dante while we searched for a house in Savannah, Georgia. It only took us a few days to find our dream home, and due to his high reputation we were able to purchase it without any trouble.
    The house:
    He continued to be a successful entrepreneur and I got a job illustrating books for an author who became quite famous with his series. We lived very comfortably and got along incredibly well.

    Three years after we settled down in our house full of books, we decided we both wanted children. Neither of us wanted more than three, and that happened to be the number we wound up with.
    Our first child was a girl whom we named Beatrice Emmeline and she was born on Christmas day. Ever since she was a baby she’s had dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, and she loves traveling as much as her mum and dad. She goes to law school and becomes a very well respected criminal lawyer who travels all over the world for her job, never really settling until she meets her husband.
    Our second child was a boy who was given the name August Gabriel. He was born on October 15th, two years after Beatrice. He’s got light brown hair and light blue eyes, and he’s always been quite popular with the girls, even though he’s an introvert like his parents. When he was five we discovered that he had synesthesia, which I found fascinating, but Dante was slightly concerned about it. August could never decide on what he wanted to do, and ended up living with us for a few years even after he graduated high school. One day he sat down at his laptop and started writing a novel. A year later he finished, and sends it to the same publisher my friend and I work with. It’s picked up immediately and becomes an instant best seller.
    A few years after August was born we adopted a female Saluki dog from the local animal shelter and name her Elle. The children adore her and she fits right in with the family.
    Our third and final child was born when Beatrice was fourteen and August was twelve. We decided to name her Clementine Alice, her middle name being my first. She has blonde hair and pale green eyes. Her passion for cooking appeared when she was only a toddler, and when she was in middle school she’d often make lunch for the whole family on the weekends when she had no homework. Her first job is a waitress a sophisticated local restaurant where she eventually becomes the head chef.
    Beatrice was working on a particularly tough case in Saint Petersburg, Russia when she met a local boy named Valentin. He owned several popular chain stores scattered around Russia and was already very well off for such a young man. She kept running into him over the duration of the case despite the size of the city, and they finally decided to go out to dinner once it was over. They got along famously, and after they married they had a daughter named Claudia Eve.
    August continued to write more books and made quite a good living off of it, too. When he was twenty two he was offered to write the movie script for his first book. It turned out perfectly. By the time the film was finished shooting, August had fallen in love with the director - a lovely girl named Lily who was born and raised in Anaheim, California. They had three children together. Their oldest is Lukas Vincent, the middle child Desmond August, and the youngest a little girl named Luna Felicity. Once the children were old enough to travel all five of them moved to Boston, Massachusetts where August and Lily continued to have successful careers writing and directing their movies.
    Clementine stayed in Savannah working as the head chef in what was to become the most esteemed restaurant in Georgia. She met Louis while on vacation in Paris, and they were simply friends for the longest time. Eventually they realized they had fallen in love with each other, and moved in together in a beautiful house close to Cleo’s restaurant. Their first daughter was stillborn, but they gave her the name Willa Anne. They name their first son Atticus William, their second son James Monroe, and their second daughter Magdalene Ivy. Mag turns out to have synesthesia like her uncle.

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    My name is Brighid Molly Ada Madigan, but people just call me Molly. I was born July 29, 1996 in Portland, Maine. I grew up in this house: My parents are Tandy Elizabeth Atwell who worked at our local elementary school and Christian Adrian Ratliff he was a computer programmer who was very proud of the awards he beat out Apple for.

    I have one younger sister Maeve Dolores Jackson, she was born four years after me on February 13, 2000, we’ve always had a good relationship. I had a privileged upbringing, but I wouldn’t say it was sheltered, my dad had been born into a very poor family and he always wanted me and my sister to know what would happen if you didn’t work hard enough. In my senior year of high school I applied to five colleges and was accepted to four, I knew I only really wanted one though, The Savannah College of Art and Design. At SCAD I studied Architecture and Design aiming to become an imagineer for Disney, though I really wanted to write as well.

    My husband’s name is Kellan Rhys Madigan, he was born February 19, 1993. He grew up in Brighton, England though both of his parents a Welsh, their names are Arianwen Carr Madigan and Rhys Gawain Madigan. Aria was a high school history teacher and Rhys was a police officer. Kellan, like me, has one younger sister Cassandra Alice Madigan. She was born April 20, 1995 and is just a year older than me. We get along like sisters and best friends.

    Kellan and I met in Paris in my freshman year of college, SCAD let’s you do three months of each year in Lacoste, France and a few friends and I had gone up to the capital for a day. We met in a bookshop and started talking and exchanged numbers. The next year he went down to Lacoste with me and we started dating, 23 November 2016.

    In my senior year on my last trip to Lacoste he proposed at what he told me would be a early graduation dinner on December 30, 2017. He gave me a present in a jeweler’s box but I didn’t think anything of it, it was necklace sized. Inside was a heart-shaped gold locket. On the outside, was engraved "I love you Molly." I heard something jingle inside the locket and I gently opened it to find the ring, with the inside cover reading "Will you marry me?" I loved the ring: but I loved him more. I gladly said yes and he moved to Savannah with me. We were married on July 14, 2018 in the English rose garden in Epcot. My dress looked like this: We had a two week honeymoon in Paris and we moved to Celebration, Florida a month after the wedding:

    I started working for Disney that November and Kellan became a science teacher at a local school that September.

    Kellan and I have the eight most amazing kids, three boys and five girls, I know that sounds like a lot, but Kellan and I both wanted a big family.

    Our first child is a boy named Dalton Thomas Madigan he was born May 6, 2019, Dalton had always been my favourite boys name and Thomas was for my grandfather. He has my father’s black hair and my blue eyes, but structurally like Kellan, tall and lean. He’s smart, caring, a bit of a momma’s boy (which I don’t mind at all) and very protective of his younger siblings. He decided he wanted to be a policeman like his grandfather when he was ten and he’s currently at the police academy trying to make that happen.

    Our second child and first daughter is named Vivienne Maria she was born September 23, 2024 and is named after my paternal grandmother. She looks just like Kellan’s mother with blonde hair that she keeps constantly in a ponytail or messy bun and bright green eyes. Vivienne is amazingly smart especially when it comes to math and science, she graduated from high school a year early and is know studying at MIT. The only thing she hates about moving up to Boston was the fact that pets are not allowed in the dorms so she was forced to leave behind her little gray kitten Selenium, her youngest sister however is very pleased with this arrangement.

    We named our second son born 21 June, 2023 William Christian, William after the newly crowned King William V of England and Christian after my father. Wills looks almost exactly like me with shaggy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s sixteen and doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do after college which scares his father greatly. He plays soccer which he is excellent at and roots for the Liverpool FC with his father. He’s not as good in school as his siblings, but is brilliant when it comes to math, he’s street smart and has a deviousness that can only come from my father.

    We named our forth child and second daughter Cordelia Isabelle nicknamed Cora, she was born January 9, 2025. Cora looks like her father with wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes and a dusting of freckles that make her look oddly like my sister as well. She’s and introverted girl,very sweet, caring and soft-spoken and loves to tell her younger siblings stories. She’s an excellent writer as well and has started writing a book recently, she plays the piano and violin which she learned from my sister. She’s definitely Daddy’s little girl.

    Our fifth and sixth children came in the form of identical twins Alice Genevieve and Alexia Prudence, born May 4, 2028. The girls are completely identical though Alexia may have a few more bumps and bruises, they both have dark brown hair and green eyes and the cutest elfish noses I have seen in my life. Alice is the calmer of the two and loves history and debate, she says she wants to be a politician when she grows up. Alexia on the other hand is rather rough and tumble she loves science just as much of Vivienne and wants to become and inventor.

    We named our seventh child and third son Isaac August born August 24, 2030, he’s named after two character’s in my favourite book The Fault in our Stars. He looks like a little a little angel with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. His teachers have always adored him, he’s very sweet and adventurous. He started taking karate when he was five and is currently a red belt.

    Our last little girl came into the world March 1, 2033, we named her Miranda Violet. She has auburn hair and green eyes. She loves playing dress up and coming to work with me and meeting all the princesses, she’s already decided she wants to work at Disney with me.

    So here’s my family:
    Kellan & Molly - 46 & 43 -
    Dalton - 22 -
    Vivienne - 17 -
    William - 16 -
    Cora - 14 -
    Alice & Alexia - 11 -
    Isaac - 9 -
    Miranda - 6 -
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Isolde | Ivy | Juno | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

    Alexander | Amargein | Bran | Ciaran | Cillian | Elias | Ephraim | Emmet | Everett | Fiachra | Fionn | Isaac | James | Joseph | Jude | Julian | Kellan | Lonan | Nolan | Oisín | Orson | Patrick | Ronan | Ruaidrí | Thomas

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