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    Felicia & Beatrice
    Felicity & Raphaela
    Felicia & Rosemary
    Felicia & Violet
    Rose Felicia and Jane Francesca (I wouldn't give twins matching FIRST initials but the temptation was too much to ignore for middle names...)

    Jacob & Owen
    Silas & Emmett
    Nathaniel & Dominic
    Jesse & Rhys
    Cassius & Gareth

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    We like Lydia, Lavinia and Elias. Elias and Felicia sounds great. Well I like all of them, Partner not so sure, there is a lot of names.
    We'll dwell on them and the rest of the list and thank you for the suggestions.

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    Thank you for suggesting Rosemary! Partner had a sudden thought and remembered his transition teacher who was called this and was lovely to him. I've never thought of it as a name for a girl, but it sounds pretty and fresh. We seem to agree on this, but time will tell in the next couple of days as it always does and hopefully not too late.

    We also like Gareth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marigold leaf View Post
    I'm new to this site, a friend recommended it especially with my current crisis. I'm due within the week, expecting twins, no idea of the genders and my partner just seems to veto everything.

    There is one name that we do seem to agree on, and that is Felicia for a girl but we're not 100% sure. I would like to have a couple options to take to the hospital though.

    Also some points we are agree on are not having names that are trendy now like "Brooklyn" that will probably go dated, yooneek spellings and unisex names.

    We have a little girl named Aveline Marie and last name is Harris. So names that goes well with that.

    So basically girl/girl, boy/boy, boy/girl combos would be great!

    I know this is a lot to ask for, but we need fresh ideas and luckily I have my partner next to me, so we can offer feedback more quickly.

    Would love to hear from you.

    [edit] Although our daughter's names are french, we are not overally fussed about any other french names. We do not want to be stuck in that trend if we do decide to have another child someday.

    Other than that the middle names we are considering are Marian, Francesca, Charles and Jack to honour family members. Not so sure though.
    Aveline Marie and

    Lucille Ariana and Katherine Zoe
    Liliana Violet and Gretchen Marguerite
    Gretel Marianne and Leisel Antoinette
    Sabina Rue and Sybil Eliana
    Cecelia Willow and Juliet Fleur
    Seraphina Fleur and Alessandra Ivy
    Juliet Charlotte and Annabel Felicia
    Annabel Francesca
    Felicia Caroline and Margot Alice

    Jamison Levi and Elliott Mason
    John Henry and Luke Edwin
    Curtis Alexander and Reid Preston
    Barnaby Thomas and Charles Rafferty
    Liam Jacob and Ethan Micah
    Noah Jonathan and Lucas William
    Nathaniel Simon and Zachariah David
    Joel Hunter and Oscar Elliott
    Charles Amos and Edward Isaiah
    Matilda Lucy and William James nn Liam
    Laurel Maeve and Tristan Edward
    James Charlton and Imogen May
    Amelia Lucy and Rhys Owen
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    Juliet came to mind. Also Felicity is another to consider.

    Felicity and Juliet

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