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    Smile Middle name for Alice

    Can I have some middle name ideas for Alice please? The only combination I've come up with that I like is Alice Primrose, but I'm not sure I can use it.

    Can Alice Primrose have an older sister with Rose as one of her two middle names? Both my girls have flower names either as first names or as middle names, so I'd like to continue this tradition if I have a third daughter.
    Would Violet feel left out because she doesn't have a Rose name like her sisters?

    Middle name suggestions would be great.

    Thanks for any middle name suggestions and/or advice
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    I would probably avoid Alice Primrose if I already had a daughter with a Rose name, personally... here's a few floral ideas:

    Alice Bryony
    Alice Cassia
    Alice Dahlia
    Alice Jasmine
    Alice Lilac
    Alice Petunia

    Some of these are probably more usable than others, but that's a little selection anyway. Good luck.

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    I wouldn't do Primrose either. It's kind of redundant being that you already have a daughter with a Rose-name. I'm not sure if Violet would feel left out or not, though. I mean, if the theme you're going for is "flower names" then she doesn't have a reason to, really, but some kids are more sensitive to things like that, and with some kids it doesn't even register. I think you'd have to ask your daughter.

    Anyway, Alice is lovely,
    Alice Marguerite
    Alice Dahlia
    Alice Hortensia
    Alice Jessamine
    Alice Jonquille
    Alice Laurel (ooh, I like this a lot!)
    Alice Tulip (I don't know if you're in to multiple middle names but something like Alice Olivia Tulip sounds so sweet to me)
    I also am particularly fond of the combo Alice Cordelia (not a flower name, but I think it's great none the less)

    Good luck!
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    I think Violet might feel left out and that is not really something to chance. I would do with something else just to be sure. I like the suggestions of Alice Dahlia and Alice Jasmine. Maybe Alice Daisy, Alice Clover, Alice Poppy, Alice Camelia, or Alice Magnolia.

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    I think Alice Primrose is pretty I think that Violet would be fine without a Rose name, because Violet itself is a flower.

    I have Alice Cornelia Hazel on my list, though that's not a flower name {Hazel is a plant though}

    I'm not sure which Rose names you've already used but here are some ideas:

    Alice Rosamund
    Alice Rosalind
    Alice Rosabelle
    Alice Rosalie
    Alice Rosaline

    Other flower names;

    Alice Lillian
    Alice Acacia
    Alice Petunia
    Alice Dahlia
    Alice Bryony
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