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    My kids are all very close in age and whole dealing with toddlers while pregnant/dealing with newborns is exhausting, now that my youngest is 2 they all play together wonderfully and are best buddies.

    Myself, I have a brother 7 years older & one 15 months younger. Growing up I was much closer with my younger brother because we were close in age.
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    I think it depends on your first kid(s). My first is very clingy, so I wanted her to be at least a little older and more independent before we started trying. Also, you don't necessarily get a chance to choose- your goal may be kids 2 years apart, but it could take over a year just to conceive. I'm trying to be flexible and keep an open mind about it.
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    Well I think it depends on a number of factors.

    I always wanted mine close together for a number of reasons (one of which was that I'm already almost 36). We had our first son in December last year after a long battle with infertility. I got on top of a few health issues, and we were successfully able to conceive naturally. After Isaac was born, we talked and figured we would just 'see what happens' so to speak. We knew we wanted more than one child, and being that I'm older, and have high-risk pregnancies (and didn't know how long it might take us to conceive again) we figured we couldn't really put a set time frame on TTC again. Well, I am now around 6 weeks pregnant with our second child (exact date to be confirmed at a scan next week). If my math is correct, and this next baby doesn't arrive early, Isaac will be a little over 13 months when his sibling arrives. I'll have my hands full, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

    I think whatever happens, you learn to cope. Lots of parents have kids super close in age, and it's tough when they're really young, but it gets easier. There's 4 years between my older brother and I, because my Mum couldn't fall pregnant. We get along fine, but I want my kids to grow up close together and (hopefully) become great friends.

    I also like the idea of having my kids close together, so that you go through similar stages at the same time (get the nappies, potty training etc done at pretty much the same time). Also, if they are close, they are at similar developmental stages, so you can do the same activities together. Those are just my thoughts anyway.

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    I am the oldest of six. My sister is 22m younger than me and we are super close. I am five years apart from my next sister. Then seven, then fourteen, then sixteen. I feel like I connect with all of them. In different ways, of course. I can talk to my first two sisters about things that we relate on, but I feel connected with my baby sister too. We still have a bond. I would say close is awesome, but a big gap isn't a terrible thing.
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    Personally, I think I wouldnt want to go more than 10 years apart. My sister and I are 4 years a part and we're very close.

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