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    Your take on age difference

    Hi Berries!

    I was just curious to hear your opinions on age difference. How many years would you want in between kids?

    Personally, I would like to have my kids as close together as possible. Although I know it's tough when they're really little, I think it's best in the long run because they'll have close companions. I have a sibling who is ten years younger than me, and while I of course love him, I hate that age difference! I relate to him less, and I am far more like a parent than a sibling to him. I have another sibling who is three years younger than me, and we are closer.


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    There are 4 and a half years between my DD#1 and DD#1. There will be minimum 2years between DD#2 and a hypothetical 3rd child. Ideally, I think 4 years is a good gap. I had enough time to enjoy DD#1 without my attention being elsewhere. Now that the baby has arrived, DD#1 is independent to do a few things for herself (brush her teeth, get into her pj's by herself) so that I don't feel like I'm taking care of two babies, if that makes sense.
    So my ideal is 3-4 years for those reasons. I do see the benefits of having kids 1-2 years apart, but it just isn't for me. I don't think I'd cope very well!
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    I think about 4 years is ideal. My brother is 4 and a half years younger than me and we are really good friends and have never fallen out or argued Most of the time I find siblings with about 2 years between them fall out the most because they are at a similar age and stage in life.
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    I would never have children less than 2 years apart if i can help it. It can cause serious health risks for your children to have them too close together.

    That being said, I will probably try to put 2-4 years between my children, if I can help it. My sister is 10 years younger than me, and that's never been a problem really. I love taking her places and getting to do all the kid stuff with her (she's 11) that I can't do yet. I feel like helping to raise her has given me a strong base for my own children. However, I do understand feeling like a parent sometimes.

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    My oldest has one year , two year, three year, four year between her sisteres!

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