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    My little sister and I were 2.5 years apart and I LOVE being that close in age. The best year of my life was when I was in 12th grade and she was in 9th and we were finally in the same school. She is my best friend and I think if there were much more of a difference, we wouldn't be as close.

    I definitely want my kids close together like that. It seems like I am in the minority, though!

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    I think it is best to have them either very close together ie) less than 18 months apart, or more than 4 years apart. I think children adjust best either when they are too young to realize that they are no longer the sole center of attention or when they are old enough to understand what is happening and get to feel special to become a big brother/sister and feel like they can help. Also at 4years or over they also have some interests outside the home. As I don't want to strech the process of raising children out, my first and second are 14 months apart and the twins I am expecting are due when my second son will be 19months.

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    Great question! I don't really like when kids are within a year of eac hother for some reason, but I think 2 years is perfect, 4 or 5 years max. My siblings are 13 years, 10 years and 8 years older than me and I am not close with any of them. I have always wished I had a brother or sister close to me age!
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    Two to three years apart would be ideal for me, especially since I want at least four kids. Any more than that and I'd feel too rushed to have them before menopause kicks in. Any less and it would probably drive me crazy.
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    The age separation in my family is:
    1 1/2 years
    My sister
    2 1/2 years
    My brother
    3 years
    My sister
    4 years ( they waited longer before my last sister because they thought they werent having any more kids but decided to anyway)
    My sister

    I love being close in age with my siblings, of course we argued! But we had great times too. And we can share experiences and stories and I am super close with my sister (the one next after me) and we're very different but we can related because of the experiences we had together! I love it!

    Personally, I like every 2 years or so like my parents but I've seen all sorts of things and the parents are usually happy with their decision.
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