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    My sister and I are 7 years apart and I love it. I plan to have my babies be 5-7 years apart and I only want one more!

    I think the age difference is great because I had a good long time as an only child and when my sister was born I was pretty excited and knew what was coming and was happy to help out. I was also independent enough that my mom and sister got to really bond while I would stay at my grandparents or while I was in school. We were also never in school together...once she was in elementary I had moved on to middle, ect...this was good cause we were never compared to each other.

    Also, we couldn't be closer. She's my best friend. And since she isn't even close to being ready for kids she is really close with my daughter!

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    Great question!

    My sister and I are a year and a half apart. I liked growing up close to her, although there was always a bit of sibling rivalry. Today, I feel very close to her even when we live very far apart. I have a step-sister 9 years older than me and a half brother 9 years younger than me, and unfortunately, I never felt as close to them as I do my sister.

    As for me, I like the idea of having children closer in age. I might start to feel impatient and not be able to wait 3, 4, 5 years for a second child! I'm almost 30 and my husband and I want to start trying this year. We would like at least 3, and I feel that I want to have all of our children in my 30's rather than my 40's. But, maybe I won't feel the same way once we have our first child.

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    I don't think age difference matters that much. i'm one of 10 kids and we are all far apart in age. Our ages range from 16- 2 months old ( some of my siblings were adopted) and we all love eachother and it doesn't matter what our ages are. we're family. my best friend Lynsie is 15 and her sister Vanyssa is 26 and her litttle sister Elyna is 2, so age doesn't really matter.

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    I seem to be in the minority here, I am the oldest of four kids and we are each spaced nearly exactly two years apart, girl boy girl boy and I would love to have this kind of spacing with my own kids as we are all so close and are at similar stages in our lives. I think that if you wait much longer than 2 years before you have a second baby the child would we so used to being an only child and not like getting less attention when the bub arrives. When gaps are 4-5 years between each child its a different kind of relationship, I know a 5.5 year old girl who has a 16 month old brother and although she is seems to be very grateful to finally have a sibling, she is in school wheras he isnt and they don't play with each other as say a 5 and 3 yr old would. I guess when the boy gets older they will become closer though.
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    My brother and I are seven years apart. We did not get a long until he was in Jr. high. We aren't close, persay, but we get a long 10x better now. My step-children have 16 months in between them. They are mistaken for twins a lot. For the most part, they are very close to each other. Of course, there has been some jealousy when my stepson began school and his sister got to do/get things when he was in school. They have a half-sister on their mom's side and there is about 4/3 years between them. With my daughter, they have 6/5 years between them. I am expecting in July. My daughters will have about 17 months in between them. I will admit, I am worried about taking care of a toddler and a newborn at the same time.
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    I think 4 years is a good age difference financial wise. You don't risk overlap in paying for two kids to go to college in the same year. My ideal would be 4.

    However, I would like twins, but if that does not happen, then 4 years apart.

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    I'm the youngest of four. My oldest sister and I are 10 years apart. My second oldest sister and I are 8 years apart. My brother and I are 6 years apart. It's never been a problem; we are all very close. That said, my cousins and I are very close too because we're similar ages.
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    I have 3 children and there's 20 months between the first two and exactly 2 years between the middle and last. I'm ttc a 4th and there will be around 2.5 years between the last one and another if I'm successful.
    I preferred them closer together. They play well together, always have a companion, will be close, but not too close in school age-wise. They were also too young to really be jealous of the newcomer.
    I've also had a steady stream of pregnancy, breast feeding, sleepless nights and nappy changing, so that going to the next baby doesn't seem like a big adjustment.
    We left having babies until our mid-30s, so maybe if we had been younger we would have spaced them out more, but I doubt it, I think I would have just had more kids.
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    I am the oldest of 3 siblings. There is a year between me and my brother and 4 years between me and my sister. We are all close.

    My cousins i think are 2 years apart and just dont get on. Older sister, younger brother. However, he has hemophilia(sp?) and i think she alway felt her parents always paid more attention to him.

    I dont think it matters how many years apart you are, we all have different personalities

    Ideally i think around 3 years would be my ideal, even planning these things doesnt guarantee
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    I had always intended to have a few years in between, but sometimes it just happens. At this rate it will be about 16 months between my daughter and this baby.
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