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    Ethan gets my vote!

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    With or without Liv, I prefer Emmett! Ethan is a bit too mainstream for me. I still have a few doubts about Emmett personally (the "Em" beginning, its strong pop culture associations--Emmett Smith, Emmett from Twilight, and Emmett Milbarge, this dufus on the TV show Chuck...)--I prefer Everett in general but I think Liv and Emmett is a great pairing and Emmett has really grown on me in the past several weeks/months. I think it's a great choice. I think something like Olivia and Ethan might have gone together, but, if it's just Liv, I think Liv and Emmett is pretty perfect, actually.

    Good luck!
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    Emmett over Ethan. I also prefer Everett to Emmett but maybe too much V with Liv.
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    I like them both but I slightly prefer Emmett, especially with Liv! both good choices though x

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