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    Question Irish(ish) Name help!

    i will try and make this as short as possibel.........So my husband and I have finally decided on a few girls names if the next one is a girl... but we are still haveing a really tough time with boys names... Our son is Josef Patrick James... We like it because it is a traditional name that honors my husband (Jose) and it isnt that common where we live but it is not by any means a strange name! (#78 in our province)...

    We have 2 different themes going on with our names... Traditional/old fashioned names and Irish(ish) sounding names.. for girls at least...

    My dads side is Irish ( which is where the Patrick came from... family name in EVERY generation!!!)

    For girls we like Fiona, Bridget and Nora which are all from and or popular in Ireland... (I know Fiona is scottish BUT Fion, Fionan and Finnian are Irish.. soooooo...)

    What boys names could go into our Irish(ish) name theme????

    We dont want TOO popular ie. Liam or Owen... and DH doesnt like the surname names ie.Sullivan.. (i know.. i'm sorry.. we are picky)

    Can anyone give us some suggestions?????????
    Classic but not popular Irish or Irish sounding names?????

    Thanks a bunch!!!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    jonothon Guest
    Well, I'm Irish so I feel I need to weigh in. I'll give you the traditional and the Anglicized spellings. (I do quite like Owen though)

    traditional :: anglicized

    Ailbe :: Alby
    Ardan (ar-dawn)
    Bradan :: Braden
    Breandan :: Brendan
    Carrick :: Craig
    Cian :: Kane/Kean (key-in)
    Ciaran :: Kieran (Keer-awn)
    Cillian :: Killian (kill-ee-an)
    Conall :: Connell
    Deaglan :: Declan
    Dillon :: Dylan
    Eamon (aim-an)
    Eirnin :: Ernan (air-nin)
    Faolan :: Phelan (Fail-an)
    Gearoid :: Garrett/Gerard (gar-roid)
    Lochlan (lock-lun)
    Malachi :: Malachy (the first is said mala-ki and the 2nd is mala-key)
    Odhran/Oran :: Odran (o-ran)
    Oisin (osh-een)
    Reilly (rye-lee)
    Riordan (reer-don)
    Ruari :: Rory
    Seamus :: James (shay-mus)
    Tierney (teer-ney)

    There you go! Hope that helped a bit, let me know if you got one you like.

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    Thanks Jonothon...

    I do like Owen.. but where I am it is top 10.. plus on of my very best friends has a little Owen... so its off limits for us!

    I like your suggestions of Cian, Desmond, Dillon and Finn... I do like Seamus too.. but my ds's mn is James sooo...

    And I LOVE malachi BUT my husband wont go for it!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    anyone else?
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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