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    help with a baby girl name

    My husband and I are having a hard time agreeing on a first name for our second daughter. we both really like the name Wren. He likes it for the first, I like it as a middle name, but cannot seem to come up with a first name that I love with it. Our first daughters name is Lila, so I find myself drawn to older, softer, pretty sounding names. Also, if we name her Wren, I had thought about incorporating our mothers names into the middle. My mothers is Charlotte and his is Roseanne. So I would like Charlotte-Rose as the middle name but my husband says it is too long.
    Wren Charlotte-Rose and our last name is 8 letters long..... Too long of a name or not? So, help with a middle name for Wren or first names if Wren is the first name. And advice a possible too long middle name.... HELP

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    Hmm, I like Wren a lot, but like you I prefer it in the middle. Lila is lovely and girly, Wren, while beautiful on paper, sounds like the male Ren so isn't as feminine sounding as Lila.

    Charlotte and Rose make lovely middles though personally I wouldn't hyphenate them. Hyphenated names are just a pet peeve for me though!

    Rosanna Charlotte would be lovely with Lila. Or Rosanna Charlotte Wren?

    I don't love the flow of Wren Charlotte Rose but the individual names are lovely. I prefer a longer middle with Wren, like:

    Wren Penelope
    Wren Cecilia
    Wren Arabella
    Wren Sophia
    Wren Mariella
    Wren Anneliese
    Wren Felicity

    Best of luck!

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    I think Charlotte Wren would be absolutely perfect with Lila. I do like Wren, but agree with pp that it seems to fit best in the middle.

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    I absolutely love Wren! While I can see the pp's point about Wren sounding a bit masculine, it seems all-girl to me and I think Lila and Wren are utterly perfect together! I am a huge fan of two MNs, and would use a name much longer than Wren Charlotte-Rose, and my ln is 8 letters, too! So if you love Wren Charlotte-Rose, I would totally use it. I agree that Charlotte Wren is adorable, too, though.

    Good luck!
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