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    French girl names! UNIQUE! HELP!!

    We are expecting our first baby girl in June this year. We would love to pick a french name because we were in Paris when we found out of her existence! I feel like I have exhausted the internet on French girl names and nothing is just feeling "right." There has to be SOMETHING out there that is just perfect! Any suggestions, especially anyone from France?! HELP!!!

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    I'm not from France, personally, but my best friend was before she passed away last December, and I still talk to her little sister, who is in Paris right now... so hopefully I can help a little.

    My friend's name was Amelie, which is quite in-style here right now--I don't know how unique you want to go. As far as a unique French name, I don't think it's that unique, but as far as a unique name for an American child, I think Amelie does fit the bill. Her little sister's middle name is Odette, which I think is a great French name, as well! Very underused in the US (pretty much everywhere, I think! As far as I know, it was a fairly popular family name in Millie's family, but I haven't heard that it was super common in France, even...). Millie had triplets August 2010, and two of them were girls--Ysaline and Avelaine. It took me a while to warm up to them (especially Avelaine) but I absolutely love both of those now!

    Are you trying to steer clear of dated names in France? I think names like Isabelle, Caroline, Nathalie, Sylvie, Sophie, Genevieve, etc., are gorgeous names, but they're all pretty dated in France. If you don't mind, I think some options like those would be lovely!

    A few ideas:

    Anais (ah-nah-EES) (Sorry, I can't do all the lovely French accents on my laptop! If accents are important to you, though, it would be really easy to look them up)
    Aurelie (absolutely love this! Completely underused in the US, and the meaning, "golden", is wonderful. It has lovely nns, too, like Ari, Rae, Lea, etc... It is actually the name of my friend's cousin, who has three daughters whose names are equally lovely, imo--Agnes (in France, said like ahn-YESS, from what I hear), Daphne, and Violette)
    Felicite (Felicity variant... said like feh-lee-see-tay, ish. I think. haha.)
    Aurore (absolutely love this, too! I think Ari and Rory would be easy-to-translate American nns for an Aurore)
    Capucine (I think this is so cute! A nature name in France. My friend babysat the most adorable Capucine ever--she went by Capu. I think it's adorable, haha.)
    Prune (quite common in France but not too translate-able to English. Still, how cute is the nn Pru?)
    Cosette (doesn't have great connotations in France, but I think it's great for here, and Cozy, Sosie, and Etta could all be cute nns. I'm not crazy about Cozy, but I know others are. I would like the association to Les Miserables, but that's what turns most French off of it, from what I hear.)
    Lydie (the French form of Lydia--I think it's just adorable!)
    Morgane (I'm guessing this is the French form of Morgana--mor-GAHN?)
    Solene (so-LEN)
    Heloise (the French form of Eloise, I believe--said the same way, as far as I can remember)
    Ophelie (oh-FAY-lee)

    I remember my friend had considered Althea, Serena, and Valeria, too, even though they weren't French, per se... I think they still would have worked there.

    She very well might have already responded by the time I finish this monster of a message, haha, but if she hasn't, you should probably message @thetxbelle--her husband is French, from what I understand, and she has lived in France, too. She has a fairly extensive understanding of French names and what's in-style right now, so I think she'd be a lot of help to you.

    I absolutely love Aurelie and Odette if you're looking for something a bit off the beaten path... charming, stylish, French, and so cute when she's little.

    I hope some of this was of some help to you, and good luck!
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    I like -ette names, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one...considering how unpopular they are in France nowadays...but I still love Suzette, Bernadette, Colette, Annette. I also think just Frances would be a cute nod towards France.

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    Do any of those appeal to you? bte, I think the Paris-french name is connection is very sweet

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