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    You are a 19-year-old college student named Juliet Amina Sterling from Loyola University New Orleans. Your roommate and best friend named Samara Laurel has wanted to meet a few of her guy friends from Chemistry class.

    One handsome guy named Dorian Rhys Evander catches your eye. You catch his too.

    A few days later you see Dorian in the hall. You stop to talk and he asks you on a date. You say "Yes". After 3 months you and Dorian are officially dating. Samara is so excited and happy for you. She knew you two would click.

    6 months later, he pops the question.
    How does he propose?
    He asks you to go fishing and he puts it on his hook then pulls it out of the water and proposes.
    You, of course, agree.

    2 years later you get married.

    2 years later you feel nauseous and think it is just the flu. Then after a few weeks you go to the doctor and she confirms you are pregnant!
    What is the baby's gender?


    What is your baby's name?

    Aria Trista

    3 months after Aria is born you get a call that you step-sister and her husband had died in a plane crash. They had 3 kids ages 7,4, and 2. They are now on their way from Rome, Italy to your house in Seattle, Washington. You are devastated but know that if you don't take them in they will be split up.
    What are their genders and birth order?


    What are the kids' names?

    Lancelot Arthur, Tristan Mordred, & Guinevere Isolde

    6 months after your step-sisters kids come in, you find out that you are pregnant. 9 months later you give birth.
    What is the baby's gender?
    1-3 Girl
    What is the baby's name? [your choice but must have 2 middle names and a first name starting with 1 of the first 13 letters of the alphabet]

    Elspeth Io Andorra

    After talking with [DH's name] you decide to take a break for a year and help a child in need by adopting.
    Where do you adopt form?


    How old is your child when adopted?


    What gender is your adopted child?


    What is her/his name?

    Jasper Minh

    5 months later after Jasper comes home you find out you are pregnant with....MULTIPLES!! How many

    Ophelia Primrose & Valdis Rue

    You decide your family is almost complete after 8 kids. You get a pet to finish it off and live happily ever after.

    Please list names and ages below.

    Aria Trista - 12
    Lancelot Arthur - 12
    Tristan Mordred - 9
    Guinevere Isolde - 7
    Elspeth Io Andorra - 5
    Jasper Minh - 4
    Ophelia Primrose - Newborn
    Valdis Rue - Newborn
    Lyra, Evadne, Juliet, Luna, Guinevere

    Rowan, Dorian, Jasper, Lucian, Eden

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