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    Generations with Fantasy Namebanks

    While cleaning recently, I found some name lists I had compiled back in 7th grade to use in fantasy stories, and I thought I'd use them for a game! Use the name bank to pick first and middle names. Last names are your choice.

    Generation 1

    DH: Cael, Aram, Barak, Baden, Belden, Damian
    DW: Caia, Calandra, Alka, Becca, Bela, Amma

    Generation 2
    DS1: Aden, Bendek, Brac, Dacian, Carr, Cale
    DD1: Chiara, Arissa, Aysel, Baida, Dara, Desma
    DD2: Atara, Arya, Beyla, Bian, Beryl, Chailyn

    Generation 3

    DS1: (Gen 2)
    DW: Cassara, Dessa, Dian, Brenna, Bree, Ayanna
    -DD: Aira, Cana, Ceri, Chana, Betha, Berit, Dava
    -DS: Azriel, Cillian, Crevan, Cyrus, Dorian, Domani

    DD1: (Gen 2)
    DH: Arden, Adem, Cavan, Caine, Braden, Bastien
    -DD: Arwen, Azana, Cira, Delfina, Atira, Aysha
    -DD: Cyrah, Calla, Ceana, Bena, Briallen, Belita

    DD2: (Gen 2)
    DH: Burian, Beck, Baden, Caden, Calix, Cavan
    -DD: Avarielle, Brielle, Arya, Bree, Cai, Chana,
    -DS: Bardia, Aemon, Breckin, Cale, Crevan
    -DD: Chessa, Chika, Chinara, Bethan, Aderyn

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    Generation 1

    DH: Damian Cale Lake
    DW: Alka Calandra Lake

    Generation 2
    DS1: Brac Dacian Lake
    DD1: Arissa Aysel Lake
    DD2: Arya Beryl Lake

    Generation 3

    DS1: Brac Dacian Lake
    DW: Brenna Ayanna Lake
    -DD: Aira Berit Lake
    -DS: Azriel Cyrus Lake

    DD1: Arissa Aysel Rivers
    DH: Bastien Caine Rivers
    -DD: Arwen Delfina Rivers
    -DD: Calla Briallen Rivers

    DD2: Arya Beryl Poole
    DH: Caden Beck Poole
    -DD: Brielle Arya Poole
    -DS: Aemon Cale Poole
    -DD: Aderyn Chessa Poole

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    -Gen 1-

    DH60- Cale Baden Franta
    DW58- Caia Bella Franta

    -Gen 2-

    DS35- Benedict Cale Franta"Ben"
    DD34- Mara Arissa Moran
    DD29- Bryn Atara Caylen

    -Gen 3-

    DH35- Benedict Cale Franta"Ben"
    DW36- Brianne Ayanna Franta
    DD15- Connie Berit Franta
    DS13- Cillian Azriel Franta

    DW34- Mara Arissa Moran
    DH37- Adam Caven Moran
    DD14- Calla Benita Moran
    DD10- Briallen Cira Moran "Allen"

    DW29- Bryn Atara Caylen
    DH25- Beck Caden Caylen
    DD4- Ava Kai Caylen
    DS3- Cale Creven Caylen
    DDNB- Aliya Bethany Caylen

    Age Order:
    Cale Franta {60}
    Caia Franta (Portorff) {58}
    Adam Moran {37}
    Brianne Franta (Lawley) {36}
    Benedict Franta "Ben" {35}
    Mara Moran (Franta) {34}
    Bryn Caylen (Franta) {29}
    Beck Caylen {25}
    Connie Franta {15}
    Calla Moran {14}
    Cillian Franta {13}
    Briallen Moran "Allen" {10}
    Ava Caylen {4}
    Cale Caylen {3}
    Aliya Caylen {NB}

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    Generation 1

    DH: Damian Cael Williams.
    DW: Becca Calandra Williams (McDade).

    Generation 2
    DS1: Aden Dacian Williams.
    DD1: Chiara Dara Williams.
    DD2: Arya Beryl Williams.

    Generation 3

    DS1: Aden Dacian Williams.
    DW: Cassara Bree Williams (Sparks).
    -DD: Chana Berit Williams.
    -DS: Cillian Dorian Williams.

    DD1: Chiara Dara Bee (Williams).
    DH: Braden Cavan Bee.
    -DD: Arwen Delfina Bee.
    -DD: Bena Calla Bee.

    DD2: Arya Beryl Dayton (Williams).
    DH: Caden Beck Dayton.
    -DD: Brielle Cai Dayton.
    -DS: Bardia Cale Dayton.
    -DD: Bethan Adaryn Dayton.

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    Generation 1

    DH: Cael Damian
    DW: Alka Amma

    Generation 2
    DS1: Aden Brac
    DD1: Chiara Aysel
    DD2: Arya Atara

    Generation 3

    DS1: Aden Brac
    DW: Cassara Dian
    -DD: Aira Ceri
    -DS: Cyrus Dorian

    DD1: Chiara Aysel
    DH: Caine Bastien
    -DD: Cira Arwen
    -DD: Ceana Cyrah

    DD2: Arya Atara
    DH: Calix Beck
    -DD: Brielle Chana
    -DS: Breckin Cale
    -DD: Chessa Aderyn

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