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    Classy, cute middle name for Caroline

    I think we've finally agreed on Caroline! Now we just need a middle name. I'm getting really frustrated because we can't agree on anything and I feel like I've been through every name possible twice. I would love some unique, classy mn suggestions! Thanks!

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    I know someone called Caroline Hope - I really like it.

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    Congrats on your decision! I am a little biased because my daughter is also named Caroline. Her middle name is Cecilia, which is a family name. Some other suggestions are:

    Caroline Mae
    Caroline Faye
    Caroline Juliet
    Caroline Grace (kinda common though)
    Caroline Elise

    I also liked the suggestion earlier of Caroline Eve.

    Good luck!
    Mom to two wonderful girls:
    Caroline Cecilia - 4-12-11
    Elise Camille - 1-8-14

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