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Thread: Naming Dilemma

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    Your child's name is for the rest of your/their life...your neighbor could move next childhood neighbors are a distant memory. Probably could be the same for your daughter. I don't think you should scrap your name because of a neighbor's kid! . Josephine is very pretty. I say go for it if you really love it.

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    I agree with @bbzmama. Your neighbour might not live across the street forever, but you might always have to live with the regret of not using a name you love.

    I've personally never ran into this problem as nobody in my area seems to have the same taste in names as me (For example, my DD is named Violet. She was the only Violet born in our county last year), so I don't have to worry about it. I do remember once saying I liked the name to my Anna to my mother, and she said I couldn't use it because my cousins ex wife's step son's (from a previous marriage) fiancé was named Anna. That, in my opinion, is taking it too far!

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    Thanks, all, for your feedback. I never would have thought twice about using the same name, but running into them just last weekend made me start to second guess. Normally I wouldn't think it's a big deal giving a child the same name as a neighbor, but we live in a neighborhood association-type community where everyone knows each other, and the kids all play together. But as some of you mentioned, they might not be living here forever, and there's a very good chance we won't be living here for more than a few more years.

    But my real issue is the fact that, as I said, this girl looks exactly like what I imagine a Josephine/Josie should look like. Maybe if I can get the image of her out of my head over the next few months I can wipe the mental slate clean before our baby arrives.

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    Yes, one of my best friends ended our friendship because my husband and I named our son Jesse. She had a daughter named Jessica and felt that we were offending her by naming our son a diminutive of their daughter. It was ludacris because we never even had a notion about her little girl's name during out process. We were going for a Biblical name and one Sunday during our church service the Gospel was about King David. It mentioned his Father, Jesse. We studied about the "Jesse Tree" and decided that was the perfect name. I never heard from my friend Kathy again, however we stuck with our guns. Besides, this is OUR SON. It was a very good decision and Jesse has always loved his name.

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    I could never name a kid after a living relative, only a deceased one, and one who I had extremely fond memories of.

    People have had names I like [but I may not necessarily like them] and it makes it so when I hear the name, that's who I picture, even after in some cases 20 years. Even in cases where I like the name bearer and the name, I still can't kick the association with the name. So I cross out names of people I knew on my list of potential names.

    So I'd say it all depends on just how strongly you associate the name Josephine with your neighbor's little girl now. If you can't imagine your daughter having that name now, then I'd pick another name. However, if you can imagine it and you love the name, go ahead and name her that. After all, as others have pointed out, you may not be neighbors forever.

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