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Thread: Sibset for Van

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    Sibset for Van

    I posted this in the boy forum, but thought I'd post here too. My husband and I are due in July with our first child - a boy! We are fairly certain that we are going to call him Van, and his full name will either be Evan or Donovan (depending on which name better suits him when he arrives.)

    Ever the planner, I'm thinking ahead of what we would name Van's future sibling(s). I like sibsets that work together, and so I'm thinking ahead, making sure I like the FEEL of names that go well with Van, selling me even more on our name choice. (Or persuading me that we need to keep looking...)

    If Van has a little sister, I'm liking:
    Van and Annika (love this pairing!)
    Van and Sylvie
    Van and Adrienne/Adri
    Van and Maya
    Van and Murielle/Muri

    If Van has a little brother, I'm liking:
    Van and Lewis/Louie
    Van and Rhys
    Van and Elliot
    Van and Harvey
    Van and Andrew/Drew
    Van and Owen
    Van and Bowen/Bowie
    Van and Judd

    REALLY appreciate your thoughts and ideas; they are SO helpful! We're stopping at two kiddos, so it'll either be a baby bro or baby sis for Van. Not both. (Unless twins happen, but that's not very likely.)

    Thanks Berries!
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