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    It's not even a matter of only wanting Jews to use it, even Jews don't use Cohen as a first name. It's a last name/title exclusively. I don't know any Jews who would be offended by just using various Jewish last names like Jacoby or Horowitz or what-have-you, but Cohen is different. It's a bit off to just grab the religious titles of minority groups because they "sound cool" as given names when they've never been used that way, IMO.

    Coen on the other hand is a totally unrelated name with the same sort of sound that won't really bother anyone and if I liked the sound I would go with that.

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    Actually, Coen/Koen are also versions of Cohen. I'm not sure why Christians all of a sudden have discovered Cohen (which, incidentally, is pronounced koh-hayn)and want to use it as a first name. I'm 54, and I only noticed this trend in the last two years. From my point of view as a Jew, it's highly suspect, and I wonder where it's coming from.

    If you like the sound koh-hen, use the Irish surname Cohan, which you can pronounce either koh-hen or koh-han, or use Cowan.

    Why would you name your child Priest? I mean, really.

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    I've heard Jews use Coen as a secular equivalent for Cohen or historically in an effort to make it a bit more palatable in old Europe (casting around for things that sounded right but weren't quite so Jew-tastic) but Coen itself, I always heard, was derived from Conrad.

    Miloowen, I've heard people say "they loved it on the OC" but the character on the OC was a Seth Cohen, and basically the show was trying to sign post he was half-Jewish, which was a reoccuring plot point. Doesn't make it a great first name IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chloe_belle View Post
    Well I like the name, maybe you could change it to Coen so it wouldn't be so offensive.
    Definitely not this looks like a yooneek name and the Coen spelling does nothing to enhance the name.
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    Thanks everyone for the responses! Deffinitely some interesting info. I don't think I could use it now just knowing what it means to other people. I'm not into Coen or Koen at all, not a fan of creative spellings! Maybe I'll find a name that is similar that I will love just as much!

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