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    What's the issue with Cohen?

    I really hope this isn't a stupid question or makes me sound really dumb...but why is the name Cohen offensive? I've seen a few comments like that and I'm curious. I REALLY like this name, but I don't want it to be an offensive name to people!

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    Here's a good article by NB's Pam:

    Two key quotes:

    “A Cohen is a Jewish priest and a religious name, so… it would pretty much be like a non-Christian person naming their child Jesus, a non-Muslim person naming their child Mohammed, or a non-Catholic person wearing a rosary as jewelry simply because it looks cool,” one poster wrote. “If you're not Jewish, please be aware that many Jewish people may be understandably offended by a non-Jewish Cohen.

    Cohen [is] the most common Jewish surname in the United States. But the problem is it’s not just any Jewish surname. Call your sons Greenblatt or Rosenberg, the objectors say. But the name Cohen is reserved for the priestly caste descended directly from the biblical Aaron. Cohens are accorded certain privileges in the Jewish religion and are subject to certain restrictions: They’re not allowed to marry a widow, a divorcee, or a non-Jew, for instance, which has kept the Cohen bloodline exceptionally pure.

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    It's a classic Jewish surname that means "priest" in Hebrew. It was only used for those in the priestly class (descendants of Aaron).
    Jews might be offended if a non-Jew uses it. It would be like a Christian naming their child Mohammad or something like that.

    Hope that helps!

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    Well I like the name, maybe you could change it to Coen so it wouldn't be so offensive.

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    or you could try Koen?

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