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Thread: Nerd names...

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    Nerd names...

    I'm writing a book at the moment about a nerdy family...
    What are your top nerdy names?
    I need: one for a mother
    one for a baby girl
    one for a father
    one for a pet worm... (dont ask me why)

    I figured you guys could help.
    Your votes decide!!
    so give me what you've got.
    The family's last name is either Englebert, Bonzo, or Bean: you decide on that one too.


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    Dexter comes to mind, as does Eglantine, Agnes, Doreen and other aged names. (please vote!)

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    I agree with Dexter; a few more that came to me were Doris, Bernadette, Bernardine, Agatha, Ingrid, Opal, Winston, Wilbur, Barry, and Orville.
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    Mother - Barbra
    Baby girl - Hermione
    Father - Dexter
    Pet worm - Inches

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    I think aged names work best for that kind of story character: Olive, Edith, Mabel, Evelyn, Margot, Benedict, Rodney, Nigel, Percival & Sidney.

    Oh, and Englebert's the best surname I say.

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