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    Angry unisex names gone too far!

    I was just reading the vital statistics name page for my province (in Canada) and I wouldnt believe it when I saw the following...

    21 girls named Jayden (a few diff spellings but same name)
    5 named Luca
    10 named parker
    5 named Sawyer
    8 named Tyler

    But the worst i saw was that 5 poor little baby girls were names HUNTER!!!!

    WDYT of these BOY names on little girls?
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    Ick. I've known a little girl named Hunter. It's not feminine at all.

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    I like some boy names on girls. My favourite is River which I love for either gender, but for me it has to be a name that isn't as widely used.

    I really dislike COMMON unisex names. Ryan and Spencer are my biggest hates.

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    Uhm they're fine. You're overreacting, in my opinion.

    Jayden - is very popular for girls and perfectly fine on a girl
    Luca - I only like this on a girl, way too feminine for a boy
    Parker - better on a boy
    Sawyer - better on a boy
    Hunter - boy
    Tyler - boy

    but none of them are horrible.

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    I just posted about this earlier. I LOVE unisex names, or names that are traditionally boys that work on girls. Elliot and Spencer I think are two that work really well on both. They aren't di-masculated at all and still make great boys names.

    I also love Owen, Winslow, and Ryan.

    I even met a woman named Bruce once! That might even be a little far for me but she was CEO of the company!

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