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    Wink Where do you buy your kids's clothing?

    I was wondering where you mommies buy your kid's clothing. I am gonna be a mom to 3 in less than 4 months, and I want to know what brands and stores make cute clothes!
    I already have shopped a bit at Gap & Old Navy, but it would be nice to know some more stores please! My kids are age 0-2, all suggestions are appreciated!!

    * Sorry for any typos, this was typed on my blackberry :P

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    I love Marshall's and TJ Maxx and those types of stores...Baby Gap is cute and Old Navy does have cute stuff as well. I get a lot of hand-me-downs from family as well for the everyday stuff. I always find cute stuff at Lord and Taylor & Macys- like the Ralph Lauren stuff is really cute- I like that classic style. Calvin Klein baby stuff is cute too...I don't know- I have a girl so I am talking about girl clothes. I like classic stuff and not too much pink!

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    I like a mix of different styles, and I am a fan of pink lol but I like the yellow colors and purples too! How much are Ralph Lauren, and how about TJ Maxx? I have heard of Calvin Klein, I get some of my stuff from that brand!

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    I'm in Australia so probably not much help... I mostly shop at Target, and Cotton On. And for nice stuff we have Pumpkin Patch, Gymboree, and Myer.

    Charlie & Me have cute stuff and sell online, as do Pumpkin Patch, but no idea if they ship to the States.
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    I work at a Carters/OshKosh store .. Are clothes are adorable and they are very reasonable in price

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