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    I have a gorgeous gdaughter named Chloe and it suits her so well, and as you know it is a French name so why not say it the French way? I understand that they say it like Clo aye, that is the acute accent on the 'e'. Would that difference help you like it more? If not I agree with a previous poster give her a special nn that you love for example Coco would be a very French and hip kind of nn for a Chloe in my opinion.

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    I have a three year old and he is VERY much his own person- I don't want to be harsh but I think you missed the window on changing her name. A new nn is one thing but changing it entirely seems pretty over the top. I think Chloe is a beautiful name with a ton of options to use a nn and make it more unique to make yourself happy. I think as a mother it can be hard to remember that our kids are individual little people and not necessarily "ours" in all respects. Sure, it would be great for you to love her name but at the end of the day it's hers, not yours, you know? You don't have to love it- maybe she does.
    If she was a baby I would say change it but at this point I wouldn't.

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    Cocobean, I feel your pain. Baby name regret is real and it can be intense. I think you know in your heart that you basically have a choice between a couple of difficult options at this late date: Continue to live with a name you're not crazy about or make a change -- official or informal -- that will probably be difficult for everyone to get used to (and that your husband may actively resist).

    We had a great guest blog on this topic that might enlighten the issue and will definitely amuse you:

    I don't know whether you'll find this comforting, but I'll say that after living with a name for three years, many parents feel some pangs for the names not chosen or the problems not anticipated. My daughter Rory's name was so difficult for people to understand and always had to be spelled out, for instance, which made me wish I'd chosen something that didn't require an explanation. Owen's name got a lot more popular, and while we always called our older son Joe, a lot of other people changed that to Joey. Or you come upon a name you love that just never occurred to you before and you think: Why didn't I pick that?

    Trying out some different options, as Nina Badzin did, might be a good idea. Maybe one of them will stick! Or maybe you'll come to feel more settled with Chloe -- which is, after all, a really lovely name.
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    Call he coco! I love that name and have heard it used for a Chloe i know. super cute!

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    I love Chloe-cate!

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