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    Why not call her by a nn that you love instead of her given name? You could call her Lo or come up with a nn based on her personality, hair color, or some other physical trait. Or call her by her mn or a derivative of her mn. No advice on how to come to terms with her name but I hope you eventually do. It is a nice name, very popular yes but nice.
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    Just because your daughter's name is Chloe doesn't mean you have to call her that or anything remotely similar to it. I know families where all of the children go by their middle names. Other times, juniors need separate names from their fathers' names, so they are called by their middle names or something else entirely.

    One option would be to give her a nickname that corresponds with her first name. This might be Clo, Lola, Lulu, Coco, or Cleo. These could all be derived from Chloe but do not even have to sound like it exactly.

    Another option could be to call her C.C. after her initials. Or, you could call her by her middle name. There are also many wonderful and diverse nicknames for Catherine. How about Cate, Cat, Katie, Kitty, Kit, Kay, Cato, Attie, Erin, or Rina?

    Finally, you could also come up with a nickname that fits her in some way but does not have anything to do with either of her names.

    Hope this helps!

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    What about making her name more unique by calling her Chloe-Cate? That is very cute and different.

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    I have an Aidan. When I named him I didn't know anyone with that and neither did our friends and family. Of course it is a wildly popular name with all it's various spellings. I didn't realise until I went to get his first vaccinations and they called 'Aidan' and 5 mums stood up. I was gutted for a while, but after a while realised how much I loved the name on him. It suits him and I can't imagine him being called anything else, even if there are a lot more less popular names I like.

    I think you're focussing on it too much. It's only a recent phenomenon that we want our children's names to be individual. But it's actually very hard. if you put names you think are uncommon into Facebook, even with surnames you'll often come up with a few to a lot of matches. Try and focus on your beautiful daughter and how she makes the name special. Or do what the pp suggest and try and come up with a compromise name, though I think it would be confusing to totally change her name now. My 3 year old knows his name and is very proud of it.

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    Make peace with this. For us name nerds we will always be charmed by other names. Chloe is a good name and a lovely choice. Pretty, and upbeat and with a good history to boot. I agree that you could make it your own if you wish C.C. and Chloe Cate are adorable and would be special just for you and her. And remember a name in the end is just a name and nothing at all to do with your beautiful and precious little girl. It would be wrong to get to hung up on it.

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