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    My daughter is 3 and I haven't liked her name since she was about 6 months!!!!

    I had my daughter in 2008 and knew nothing about names. I had no idea what was popular and even what style I really liked. Even still my husband and I didn't really agree on any, until he suggested Chloe. I said yeah, I kinda like it. And so we named our daughter Chloe. It bothers me almost daily that her name is so popular! My husband has always loved it, and reassures me by telling me she's our Chloe. Sometimes it helps, but mostly it doesn't. I wish I could go back and name her differently!! Any advice on how to come to terms with this? Anyone else feel this way??

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    Hi cocobean,

    Why don't you like Chloe? What is her middle name? What other names were you considering before daughter was born? What names do you wish you had chosen? Just some questions to get to the bottom of your angst. :-)
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    I really don't like how popular it has become. She's such a unique girl and I don't want her to be one of five Chloe's in a class. Her middle name is Catherine after my mother in law. Other names I liked then are different from the ones I would chose now. A couple names I had wanted to name her were, Henrietta after my grandmother, Victoria or Isadora. Now, I might chose Uma, Colette, Juliette, Sasha, Beatrix... The list goes on... I can't stand having this regret. I wish I could call out a name at the playground that I loved.

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    Chloe is actuallt growing on me as a's cute

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    My sister changed her little girls name when she turned 2 years old. Her reasoning was she didn't want to stick her kid with a name that she would regret the rest of her life when she could change it and start over. I see no problem in changing your child's name....that is if she'll let you....

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