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    This is so interesting to read what everyone was Almost named.
    My dad liked Rachel if he had it his way. My mom liked Alice the most, my didn't care for Alice. He also didn't agree to Sybil, hehe. If I was a boy I was going to be named Devon Jordan Surname. Jordan is my grandpa's middle name. They ended up naming me Ashley Juliette Surname. Juliette is my aunt's name, who goes by Julie. Alice Juliette is really pretty. Sybil, it's ok, but I think the movie may have given me some not so friendly comments in school. It seems like for the 80's and 90's, Ashley is at one end of the scale, since it is/was so common. On the opposite end is Sybil, more unusual and certainly unique for those two decades. Alice seems somewhere in the middle, not "mainstream" but not bully-friendly either.
    My parents, especially my mom, thought Ashley was unique at the time and had no idea it was be so highly popular or she would have chosen Alice.

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    I am Molly but my parents almost named me Heidi.........
    Sylvia Thomas (Sylvie) ~ Josephine May (Josie) ~ Matilda June (Tillie) ~ new baby coming Jul 2016

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    I was almost named Sarah or Leslie. I'm perfectly happy being Rosalyn.
    Due with my first bundle 3/29/14

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    My name is Pernille. When my parents were young there was a children's program in Norway/ Sweden(?) called "Pernille og Herr Nilsson". My mom hated the name while young, but my father loved it. When my mom got pregnant my father wanted to name me Hauk if I turned out to be a boy, which is a rare Norse name and the Norwegian word for hawk. My mother thought it was way too weird so she said that she would pick the boys name and my dad would pick the girls name. It was the lesser of two evils for her, although she would have named me Sjur, had I been a boy. Yikes! She wanted to name me Nora, which is now my little sister name. Strangely enough when my brother was born seven years later she had changed her mind and loved Hauk, so that's his name.

    I guess she has grown to love my name. If I get compliments on it now, she takes it quite personal, as if it was her name, haha.

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