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    Hmmm,,, Well I'm Madeline (maddie). My mom loved Evelyn too, but my dad wasn't much of a fan of Evelyn, he rathered Heather or Jennifer. They both agreed on Madeline when my half sister, Charlotte mentioned it. Char was only 7 at the time. My brother, Nick has a different dad than me. But if they called me Evelyn, I would have gone by Evie, if I was Heather I would have went with Hattie maybe, and for Jennifer I would choose Jennie!

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    I was going to be Davina (!!!) as was born on St David's Day but up until then I was apparently planned as a Louise. Then they picked Virginia (I go by Ginny) at the 11th hour. I spent most of my childhood wanting a 'normal' name like Louise but now I love Ginny/Virginia.

    My elder sister is Victoria and it was a nightmare having the same initial so I kinda had to switch to Ginny.
    Mama to the awesome Milo Edward.

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    If I were a boy, I'd be Thomas Edward. If I were born when I was supossed to be, I'd be Holly (I was due on Christmas Day). I was also almost Emma, but my parents didn't like how popular it was.
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    My mom wanted to name me Diamond, my dad vetoed and offered Diana instead and that's how I got my name!

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    I was going to be Emily or Emmett. My father insisted on a K name and I became Kathryn, but have always been called Kate. I'm very thankful I'm Kate and not Emily

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