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    Nov 2011

    I was almost named...

    ...Keith (if I had been a boy)
    my mom thought of Amy & Tiffany-Amber
    my dad wanted Gwendolyn or Lisa

    they settled on Tara

    I thought it would be interesting if people shared their almost-names! Do you wish you had been named one of these almost-names or did you dodge some serious bullets? If you don't know your almost names you can share what you & your partner almost named your child!

    I would have liked to have been a Gwen!
    Glad I'm not Tiffany-Amber.
    Neutral about Amy or Lisa.

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    May 2011
    My mom says that she liked Jasmine for me, but my father had all the sense and vetoes it, so they named me Elizabeth.Also, my mom tells me she loves the name Nathaniel. She'd probably choose that name for me if I was a boy. I can live with that.

    I wouldn't change my name for the life of me, but I do confess that there are lovely names that if I was named differently, I could use (Eliza,for example).
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    Catherine. Down to the last minute. I love the name and wouldn't have minded it at all.
    Not sure what their thoughts were if I had been a boy.

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    Huntington, WV
    I was almost Tabitha, because my Dad was a bewitched fan, haha. I much prefer my name, but I strongly wish my parents had spelled it with the traditional C-a-s-e-y spelling.

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    My first name was supposed to be Amanda, but my parents didn't like any middle names with it. So they put it in the middle spot and my sister came up with Jennifer (she was 8 at the time). So I'm Jennifer Amanda!

    My parents didn't really have boy's names picked out because they "knew" we were both girls, but my mom said she really liked the name Christopher Michael.

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