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    Really uncommon names

    What is the most uncommon and unique name you've come across, one that you either heard on a child and thought was cool, or one that you read in a name book/online/in a regular book and thought 'I would love to meet a child with that name' For me it's definitely Kinnereth for a girl. I don't really have one for a boy, although when I discovered Zephyr a few years ago I definitely thought it was very unique, but since I've studied Greek history and mythology it doesn't seem so unique anymore. What are your favourite uncommon names?
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    I met a woman yesterday name Tauby. Haven't been able to find any info on her name.
    My bf also knew a girl named Secora, which I don't mind at all.
    My aunt's name is Vonna, pronounced like Donna.
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    I knew a girl in high school whose name was Trillion. Her brother's name was Seven. I also have a female friend named Misako, nn Misa, a male friend named Luby, and a male cousin named Kainan.

    Edit: Also forgot another male friend; his name is Allio.

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    My high school had quite a few people with unique names:
    Tipera (has brothers named Tallisen, Teth and Tristan)
    Seretha her middle name is Uwana!
    Morven - found out much later that this is a real Welsh name like mine
    and a Taryn (also a Welsh name)
    My name is Glenys
    One of my besties was Lorna, which I've learned isn't uncommon for an older generation, but it was for our age group
    My brother knew twin girls named Kashmir & Kadence

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    My name is also Glynnis, and my Mom also has a confusing name for people, it's Jonice. Most people call her Joe-neice, or call her Janice by accident.

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