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Thread: Twins!!!

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    Twins! So, I recently found out that I am pregnant with B/G twins. I have three older children, Esme Elizabeth, Isla Samantha, and Roan Christopher (I saw that another poster picked out these names. How funny!) This is where you gals come in! My DH and I are having trouble finding two names that go well with our older children's names. The our daughters middle name will either be Margaret or Margot. Our little boy still doesn't have a middle name, but it will either start with an A If y'all could help us out with the first and middle names, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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    I saw the other post with an Esme, Isla, and Roan, and I adore those names as siblings. I suggested all four-letter names on that thread, so I'll try to change it up this time. Esme Elizabeth, Isla Samantha, Roan Christopher &...

    Brooklyn Margot
    Cambria Margot
    Elodie Margot
    Greta Margot
    Livia Margot
    Nessa Margot
    Ruby Margot
    Stella Margot
    Scarlett Margot
    Tessa Margot
    Waverly Margot
    Wren Margot
    (I didn't intend for all the MNs to be Margot, I just love how it goes with each name)

    Beckett Atlas
    Caledon Adam
    Declan Andrew
    Fletcher Alek
    Gavin Alexander
    Griffin Anthony
    Hudson Alder
    Knox Anderson
    Lachlan Asher
    Mack Adrian
    Oliver Alan

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    Chelsea June ~ Brinley Caroline ~ Madison Emily ~ Carolina Bette ~ Suzanna Halsey

    Gavin Thomas ~ Parker Nicholas ~ Hudson George ~ Trevor Parson ~ Lucas Penn

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