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    Are these names too matchy for twins?

    Hi nameberries! I'm writing a story where the two children (B/G twins) live in a very old-fashioned town that resembles the 1950s. Everyone in the town still behaves like they are in the 1950s, including with naming style. However, the parents of these twins wanted an older style name, with modernized nicknames. So, I've come up with Winslow - with the nickname "Winn" - and Wilhelmina - with the nickname "Willa". Do Winn and Willa sound too matchy for twin names?
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    They are a little too matchy for me, but it's a book and the 1950s where a lot of sibsets got matchy names, so I think is fine.
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    I think it's fine. Twin names tended to be quite matchy in the 1950s, so it feels authentic.
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    In real life I would say it was too matchy, but for a book I think it's perfect
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