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    La La Land

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    Inverness, Scotland
    I'm really liking Ianthe but seeing as i already have an Ivy it's out

    Oh and Ulysees, don't know if that counts as it's so well known but not often used.

    @niteowl13 - I know 2 Morven's and several Lorna's, i;m in Scotland though so obviously more common here.

    @jennipea382 - Jamie is really common over here as well i know many males but only one girl.
    Carrie-Anne mum of Ivy Fae and Wren Iris

    Baby #3 due April 2016

    Top contenders for baby number 3
    Girls - Vesper Fawn, Vesper Sage, Ember Fawn, Ember Sage
    Boys - Felix Ulysses, Cormac James, Struan Innes

    Kind of like but probably not enough to use:

    GIRLS Calla, Violet, Briar, Sage, Rosemary, Posey, Clove, Nora, Pearl
    BOYS Cairn, Adair, Dandelion, Oak

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    I know an India and a Texas, also a Cashala. Um, Trillion, I know one of those. And a lot of names that are common on this site and out in larger cities are just seriously odd where I live, in a very small farming community. So, names like Leo and Alexa are the odd ones out.

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    My name is also Glynnis, and my Mom also has a confusing name for people, it's Jonice. Most people call her Joe-neice, or call her Janice by accident.

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    Neat. There have been a few people that family has known that were named after cities, states or countries. One was named Russia, one was Cuba and another is Georgia. My sister had a penpal that was named January.

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