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    I wouldn't say it's the best name, but I work with someone named Toffey. I think that's pretty unique.

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    A friend of ours named her daughter Eilee, which I love. But now I can't use it! Haha.

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    I went to a sort of group job-interview once years ago and the girl I was partnered up with was named Ziggy. I asked her if it was a nickname, and she said it was short of Ziglinda.

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    I have a friend whose name is Darranie...her parents decided they wanted to combine both their names for their baby...Her moms name is Stephanie and her dad's name is Darin. I think it's cool and unique and at least it makes some sort of sense. Cause when parents try to combine both their names for their child sometimes it works out well and sometimes it doesn't.
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    Right now, the one coming to mind is Itxasne. I know an Itsasne and I think that's really pretty, but her peers tend to call her "Txasne" so I looked up Itxasne to see if it's a variant, and it is. I like them both, but Itxasne is a little easier to say, I think. It's the Basque form of Marina.
    It's really uncommon, only about 500 total (both spellings) and only used in the Basque Country.
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