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    Creative Ways to Get to Gem/Em

    My name is Emily so any names that are too similar, such as Gemma, Emmeline, Emma etc are out. I like the idea of keeping my old nicknames, which were Em(my), and Gem. I'm not into unisex names, or boy names (so long Emmett), and would like your help! So far I've thought of Clementine and Jemima, and I can't see myself using Clementine because of the fruit. Jemima is a possibility because I feel that it has a stronger background. Any more ideas?

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    You could use initials like Eliza Morgan "EM" or Georgia Maeve "Gem". You could also use an M name and nickname her M (Em.)

    There's also Emerald, Ember, Emerson, Temperance, or Boheme (Bo-Em).

    For Gem, you could name her Ruby, Pearl, or Opal and she would be your little Gem.

    I think you could use either nickname with Imogen.

    Good luck!
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    These contain Gem:

    Gemella -- means twin
    Gemila -- means beautiful
    Gemina -- means twin
    Shigemi -- means luxuriant beauty (it's interesting, but might be too much for you)

    These contain Jem:

    Jemsa -- means precious stone
    Jemima -- which you've already said and is nice

    Contains Em:

    Akemi -- beautifully bright
    Chemarin -- girl in black
    Clematia -- climbing plant
    Clemence -- merciful
    Clemira -- brilliant princess
    Dema -- forgetful one
    Demetria -- follower of Demeter
    Demi -- half; follower of Demeter
    Ellema -- dairy farmer
    Emani -- belief, faith
    Euphemia -- sweetly spoken

    Also, names like Imogen can still have Em as a nickname as Im and Em make the same sound. -- My Amazon Author Page

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