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    I have a great friend in Italy called Livia, that's just so classy and different. Ofra -that's deer in Hebrew or Maayan - spring another way to go with very different unisexnames.
    I truly understand how you feel; I changed my name as a teenager. Beware of the trendy 'different'' name, I chose one and now years later it's the trashiest name ever. Think Kardashians..So go with simple and elegant.

    So now I've decided to change my first name again. I was thinking of Marianna, something untrendy & classy. Any suggestions along this line I'd be grateful for.

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    If you want a familiar sort of sound, Lydia is similar, but much less popular. So do Sylvia and Elva (I actually know a girl with this name!), which can yield the nn Liv.

    But if you really want a name that's unlike Olivia, here goes...
    Strong, masculine-rooted names like Harper: Lennox, Pepper/Piper/Fifer, Rory, Romy, Hathaway, Murphy, Miller
    Classy & classic, sturdy names like Audrey: Harriet, Ellinor, Katharine, Rosamund, Frances, Edith, Marion, Eliza
    Expressive, trend-setting names like Indigo: Marigold, Promise, Calypso, Clio, Evadne, Araminta, Ruby, Remember

    I'd at least keep Olivia in the middle, though, to continue honoring your grandmother. Or, you could consider looking into variations or names with similar sounds to hers that you like?
    Also, another plus about Olivia becoming popular now is that people may automatically assume that you're younger in later years - it couldn't hurt when you're a forty year-old pretending to be thirty. (:


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    Aww that's such a cute story! But your name belongs to you and you shouldn't feel a burden to bare a name which you dislike. My name is also modern, trendy and I dislike it greatly. I know what you mean by expectations to live up to a name! I'm planning on changing my name this Summer
    Livianna is cute which you could consider.
    I'm considering changing my name to Sadie it's kind of spunky, cute with that old fashioned themed to it

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    Has anyone ever told you you 'look' like a certain name? For instance, my first name is Leslie. However, I've been told I look like a Rachael, a Zadie, etc. by different people. Something I find fun is to ask someone what they might guess your name would be if they did not know you. And if they don't know your name, that can be even more revealing, in my opinion! If you're not a very shy person, you could try to get unbiased/fresh opinions on what name a bunch of random people think you embody or 'look like'. A way you might accomplish in a safe sort of manner may be to bring a notebook & a friend with you to the mall or a park, say, and tell the people you ask that it is for a project (which it is!). Write down their responses; you might be quite surprised! It's just an idea, but it may give you a lot of direction/inspiration at least!
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    Hello! I'm also changing my own name. I know what you're going through, my mother will not hear of me changing my name. Which is ridiculous because she's gone by 3 other names in her life besides her legal one. So...

    Harper Neale is lovely! If you want to know what it'll sound like, just google for videos of Victoria and David Beckham talking about their own daughter Harper. Then you can get a feel.
    When I put on a fake one, it sounds like Hah-pehr.

    Audrey Neale is lovely too! I really like this, because Audrey Anne Neale spells out AAN. Which is close to ANN.

    Romy is a boys name or a nickname to me, so I'm not to keen on this one myself.


    And I think a name ending with n would be fine with Neale. Haven Neale for example.
    Feel free to message me anytime about your renaming journey.
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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