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Thread: Brynn?

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    My second daughter is coming in two weeks (first is Elizabeth) and we are still struggling with a name. We were down to Grace, Abigail or Mae, but suddenly I was bored with all of them (even though I love them so much...).

    My husband suggested Brynn a few weeks ago and I didn't like it at all, but now it's really growing on me. I have no idea if this is because...

    a) I actually like it
    b) I am just getting sick of talking about names
    c) It's way more interesting than my other options

    So my questions are:

    1) Do you like Brynn? If so, how would you spell it? Bryn, Brynn, Brinn?
    2) Is Brynn terrible and I am just pregnant and tired and can't thinking clearly?
    3) Any other names you like that are kind of like Brynn, Grace, Mae? But not those names?
    4) Do you like Mae better?
    5) Do you think Grace is still too popular? Or is it dropping fast (which I want)?

    thanks. and sorry in advance for this annoying post. I am all-consumed with this for some reason.

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    I don't hate Brynn. It's not really my style though.

    Similar: I like Bryony, Bronwen, Bronwyn, Branwen, and Beatriz, with Beatrice trailing slightly behind its z-sister.

    I like Mae more than I like Brynn, I think, but some other B names are more interesting than Mae. I do not think Grace is going to drop all that much all that soon - it's not a bad name but it's so popular.

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    I passed on Grace b/c suddenly I heard it everywhere but sometimes I think it was the wrong move. It's a beautiful classic. I do like Brynn though but I think I like Grace better. I love Mae as well but particularly since your older daughter is Elizabeth I think I would use Mae as a nickname for Mary, Margaret or some other Ma- name.

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    Elizabeth was my mom's name. She passed away in 2003.
    Marian is all four grandmothers' names: So the baby will be Marian with "Mae" as a nickname...

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    Brynn is nice! I would spell it Brynn. Another option for you would be Wynn, which is perhaps a little more spunky than Brynn. Also love Mae.

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