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  • Harper Daniels

    13 56.52%
  • Harlow Daniels

    8 34.78%
  • Can't decide

    2 8.70%
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    Love Harper! I think Harper and Felix are so wonderful together. Harlow is nice, but it doesn't have the pretty feel that Harper has to me. I like Harper Jane and Harper Beatrice from your list. I wouldn't be worried about the "Harper, Jane" thing--if that's the case, then I would think you would have a problem with any Harper combo, because they could all easily be "Harper, June", "Harper, Beatrice", or "Harper, Brynn", you know? Is there a family name you would like to use for Harper? I think something longer and girly would be pretty with it, like Harper Evangeline, Harper Julia, or Harper Claire (even though it's shorter!).

    Good luck!
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    I love Felix! Personally, since you are having b/g twins, I would go for a really feminine name for the girl. Harper and Harlow seem almost unisex. That being said, Harper is much nicer than Harlow. It is cute and modern.

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    Hmm, I agree with the above that you've chosen somewhat unisex names for your girl, but Harper is so much in the girls column now that it may not matter. both Harper and Harlow are sweet, how about:

    Harper Bridget
    Harper Briony

    Harlow Bronwen
    Harlow Brianna

    If you're worried about popularity, how about Halina, Hayfa, Heloise, Honora or Heidi?

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