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    Mar 2013
    My Name: Madison Olivia Crawford
    DH Name: Jacob Isaiah Crawford

    If your parents are still married you and DH move to the country somewhere. What kind of house do you live in?

    We have a baby girl and name her Skye Kinsley. Then, two years later, I give birth to our second daughter. Her name is Juliet Piper. A year after that, we welcome our first son into the family. His name is Riley Graham. Then, we have twin boys! Their names are Grey Fletcher and Hunter Jet. We decide to adopt a little boy from Ireland named Ronan Connor. After that comes Sawyer Evan, a biological child!
    Mom of Kenton, Harper, and Pierce

    Pictures I post in games are not mine, no copyright infringement intended

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    May 2013
    DW: Megan Janaya Whitfield
    DH: Jonathan Eric Whitfield

    DD1 - Gemma Zoe Whitfield
    DD2 - Elena Poppy Whitfield
    DS1 - Riley Dylan Whitfield
    DS2/DS3 - Roan Sterling & Ash Cordovan Whitfield
    DD3 - Kia Rosalie Whitfield
    DS4 - Brett Hayden Whitfield

    Pet: Labrador called Milo

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    Oct 2013
    Your name and hubby’s name are both your choice. [FONT=Arial Black]Brittany & Charlie[/FONT]
    We move to a foreign country for work. China.
    Our house represents us (Americans) but has a lot of Chinese characteristics in it.
    We have a baby girl: Kennedy Presley
    Another girl: Juliet March
    We get a dog. Yorkie. Named Missy.
    Boy: Sterling Ash
    Boy: Brick Teal
    Adopt girl from africa: Kia Annette
    Girl: Arabella Anne
    Vacation to Tennessee.

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    Jul 2013
    Move to the Outer Banks
    Girl: Lexi Kennedy
    Girl: Livia Pippa
    Girl: Ivy Azalea
    Girl: Calypso Oceana
    Boy: Finn Logan
    Girl: Lena Quinn
    Cat: Caillou
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Jul 2013
    Me: Ingrid Rehn
    DH: Matthew Robert Rehn

    1. We move to London, England in a townhouse.

    DD: Shiloh Aria Rehn
    DD: India Rosie Rehn
    DS: Rocco Bo Rehn
    DAD: Kia Endellion Rehn
    DD: Luna Zoe Rehn

    Dog: Female Shih Tzu named Flossie
    Cat: Female Scottish Fold named Winifred

    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

    Alvdis • Aria • Cadence • Dagny • Eilish • Eir • Ffion • Greta • Hedda • Io • Maisie • Margo • River

    Angus • Beau • Birch • Henry • Imre • Johan • Orion • Pil • Silas • Storm • Timothy • Tindre

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