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    Lucille Delphine Delacroix and Theodore Beau Mank

    1. New York City
    What kind of house do you live in? We live in an apartment in Astoria, Queens

    2. If you are blonde or brown haired your first child is a girl. First name and middle name from
    Aria Elle

    3. If you have any type of allergy your next child is a boy. His first and middle name come from
    Micah Oscar

    If your favourite sport is hockey, tennis, or golf then you have a boy and his first and middle name comes from
    Elliot Graham

    5. If you have ever been in love but aren’t currently, you have G/G twins. Names are your choice but must have the same meaning.
    Millicent Eleanor and Matilda Livia

    If your eyes are gray or green you adopt a girl from Africa. Her name is and you choose her middle name.
    Neela Kia

    7. If your favourite TV show is a sitcom or drama you decide to have one more baby. A baby girl whose first name comes from and middle name from
    Amelia Lara

    8. If your birthday is the 1st - 10th of the month you decide your family is complete. Your children really want a pet so you get them a cat from the shelter. Name is your choice.

    List your family and/or pets!
    Aria Elle, Micah Oscar, Elliot Graham, Millicent Eleanor, Matilda Livia, Neela Kia and Amelia Lara. And then our cat Prudence.

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