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    Oct 2013
    DH: Charles Alexander
    DW: Beatrice Alice

    1. We move to the English countryside. We live in a Georgian Farmhouse.
    2. DD: Elle Meadow
    3. DD: Lavender Poppy
    4. Golden Retriever named Daffy.
    5. DD: Ottilie Cleo
    6. DS: Rafferty Flynn
    7. DD: Violet Eve
    8. Cat called Beau

    Charles & Beatrice
    Elle, Lavender, Tilly, Raff & Violet
    Daffy & Beau

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    DH: Cyrus Adler
    DW: Clara Jessica

    G: Gemma Teagan
    B: Luke Milo
    Dog: German Shepherd, Koopa
    B/B: Onyx Alexander & Roan Henry
    B: Kermit Edmond
    G: Alice Nina
    Puppy: Black lab mix, Godfrey

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    Nov 2013

    We move to the country.

    Zoey Harmony
    Juliette Poppy
    Lily Fleur
    Jasper Edmund & Rowan Caleb
    Rory Maxon
    Clara Maeve

    Cat - Harley (black with yellow eyes)
    18. Slytherin.

    Dominic Peter & Isalie Victoire
    Nico & Isa

    Amory Apolline Arabella Aurore Cordelia Delacour Delphine Elara Evadne Fleur Flora Illyria Iris Juliet Katerina Leolin Lyra Odette Ophelia Petra Raphaella Rosalie Sylvie Valentina Vasilisa Verity Vivienne

    Alistair Arcturus Arlo Aslan Benedict Cadmus Castle Dean Draco Evander Fabian Frederick George Hale Hawthorne Hugo James Jasper Jude Leander Louis Lupin Michael Pallas Remus Soren Theodore Valerian

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    Jan 2014

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    Jan 2013
    Ana and Tristan Calitro
    Stone cottage surrounded by acres of forest.
    Trista Harmony
    Declan Elijah
    Mutt named Mr. Darcy
    Aero Grey and Russet Blue
    Rory Steadfast
    Evangeline Lara
    Puppy Pax the black furred poodle
    Mama of two beautiful boys!

    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
    So are the children of one’s youth.
    Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;
    ~Psalm 127:4-5a

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