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    It's a girl! Now crunch time: Felicity what?

    So our little July baby is officially a girl. Her first name will definently be Felicity. (Loved seeing it in the stylish section since its been a long time favorite.) Right now her middle name is Elizabeth passed down from my mother and I. My issue is with her name right now is flow. I don't know that I love just Felicity Elizabeth. Does anyone have a name combo that would help with flow? Suggestions are very welcome. Last name is similar to Eldrid.
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    I don't have any issue with the flow of Felicity Elizabeth at all, and even if I did I think that the fact that Elizabeth is a family name would excuse any issues.

    A few suggestions anyway:

    Felicity Violet Elizabeth
    Felicity Seren Elizabeth
    Felicity Piper Elizabeth
    Felicity Laurel Elizabeth
    Felicity Saffron Elizabeth
    Felicity Rose Elizabeth

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    I don't think anything is wrong with the flow either . But what about diminutives of Elizabeth?

    Felicity Lizbeth
    Felicity Beth
    Felicity Elise
    Felicity Eliza
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    I like Felicity Elizabeth and think it is a very classic combination and goes well with your ln. Here are a few other possibilities:

    Felicity Alice
    Felicity Jane
    Felicity Margaret
    Felicity Ellen
    Felicity Cora
    Felicity Celeste
    Felicity Caroline

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    Felicity Elizabeth is perfect! Congratulations! Love it sooo much!

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