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    I don't know how but the 1st thing that I automatically think after hear about capri is the zodiac capricorn. If she due in 8 weeks then she must be a taurus right?
    Well, just a lame thought.

    I like Vivienne the best. what about
    Vivienne Pearl
    Vivienne May
    Vivienne Jade
    Vivienne Estrella
    Vivienne Carolina
    Vivienne Madison
    Vivienne Astoria

    I also like the idea of Willa Vivienne.
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    I named my daughter Maxine Laura and call her Max. I love the combo of Maxilaura - I used to call her that when she was very little but not so much so now as I use it as my user name on most websites.

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    forgot to mention, that if I had another girl, I would call her Ivy - totally love that name

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