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    Strong Women Names?

    What are some names that are associated with strong women to you? Real women examples as well as mythological or fictional are appreciated! My list looks like this;

    Amelia (Earhart)
    Hillary (Clinton)
    Evelyn (Nesbit)
    Colette, the author
    Elizabeth (both Queens)
    Jane (Eyre)
    Clementine (film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
    Bryony (Atonement)
    Athena (goddess)

    Who do you think epitomize the image of a strong woman?

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    (Mother) Teresa
    Eleanor (Roosevelt)
    Joan (of Arc)
    Erin (Brokovich)
    Mary (Mother of Jesus and Magdalen too)
    Reese (Witherspoon)
    Dolly (Parton)
    Julia (Roberts)
    Lauren (Bacall)
    Katharine (Hepburn)
    Bette (Davis)
    Ingrid (Bergman)
    Scarlett (O'Hara)
    Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)

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    Margaret (Thatcher)
    Mary (Mother of Jesus)

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    A little confused about definitions of strength but I'll take a crack at it.

    Jael, Biblical, and the one who slammed a tent peg through somebody's head.
    Zenobia Ancient warrior, considerably more usable imo than the related Xena
    Grace (O'Malley)
    Harriet (Tubman)
    Sojourner (Truth)
    Golda (Meir)

    Oh and I hear there were one or two reigning monarchs named Elizabeth and Catherine

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    Can't forget those monarchs, can we? People keep mentioning them all the time.

    I love the lists! Just your definition of strength, usually of character, although I guess physical strength works too!

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