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    Names: To Involve Grandparents or not to involve Grandparents.

    I was interested in all of your opinions on weather or not to involve the future grandparents in the naming process of your coming arrival. I have seen some couples keep the grandparents completely out and others the grandparents are totally involved.

    So what is your opinion? What did you do and why?

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    When I was naming my girls, I did seek the opinions of my parents and in laws. That said, I didn't overly focus on what they thought. I got feedback from them but ultimately, I made the final decision. They tried pushing certain names on me (mainly family names) and I wouldn't give in.
    I think involving them is nice, but certainly make your own independence choice on what you name your little ones
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    As a name nerd and a grandmother I had a lot of interest in finding names for my grandchildren. I gave my kids copious lists of names (which was fine by them as I asked them first) so that they could narrow down their choices. It was interesting and I didn't push my favourites on them most of the time but they were very accommodating and in the end just chose the names that they liked.
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    I keep the grandparents out of it. My parents are cool and not pushy about their opinions, but my in-laws are quite opinionated. It was just easier to leave them out of it. I'm not really a "people pleaser" so I didn't want to discuss names with anyone but my husband.

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    We didn't really, but they never expressed much interest (other than wondering what we were thinking). If they were really into names I would probably have discussed it with them.

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